Monday, November 16, 2015

Election 2016 -- California's Congressional Delegation Update

California Democrats are some of the most spoiled, self-indulgent politicians around.

They live and play in the state legislature, and get away with pretty much everything. They can vote for and ask for just about whatever they want from the state coffers, and they don't have to deal with those middling, meddling marginal Republicans.

At least that's the way the game is played in California.

Once California Democrats get to Congress, however, they find themselves in the minority, with much less influence, and certainly not getting their way on many projects.

They are spoiled, not used to seeing government money sitting in the treasury.

California Democrats fed up with minority status will resign from Congress and go back to California politics, knowing that they will enjoy more influence and get away with more of their own pet projects, regardless of the cost of consequences.

So, at least three Democratic Congressmen have announced their retirement -- another is seeking higher office -- and will not run for reelection in 2016:

1. Janice Hahn: CD-44, San Pedro, South Gate

2. Lois Capps: CD-24, Santa Barbara, Lompoc

4. Loretta Sanchez: CD-46, Orange, Garden Grove

Of the four seats above, only CD-24 is competitive, with two Republicans vying against three Democrats. One poll showed Katcho Achadjian ahead of all other challengers.

In CD-44, two well-known Democrats, State Senator Isadore Hall and former Hermosa Beach mayor Nanette Barragan, are attacking each other, while one Republican, Chris Castillo of Wilmington, looks for a pathway into the general election. A third Democrat in the CD-44 race may further splinter the Democratic vote and allow Castillo to enter the general with a stronger hand.

Let us not forget that the National Republican Congressional Committee has targeted six Democratic incumbents in California, too:

5. John Garamendi CD-3, Yolo

6. Ami Bera CD-7, Sacramento

7. Julie Brownley CD-26, Ventura

8. Peter Aguilar CD-31, Rialto, Redlands

9. Raul Ruiz CD-36, Riverside

10. Scott Peters CD-52, San Diego

Democrats now have ten fires to put out in the next election cycle. Even though the Presidential election turnout will be higher, liberal interest groups will be spending millions toward getting new Democrats elected or holding onto competitive seats.

Stay tuned for more seats to open up or become more competitive for Republicans in 2016.

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