Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NRSC Claims I Made a Pledge - I Won't!

I have received two letters in the last three weeks from the Republican National Senatorial Committee.

The contents contain the following message:

Dear Arthur,

     You spoke with my assistant Brent Thompson on September 21st and made a very generous commitment of $25.00 to support the NRSC.

No I did not.

What I did say was: "I will start donating again when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell steps down and the US Senate Republican Majority starts fighting for the things they were elected to accomplish: secure the border, repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Murder-hood (er, Parenthood), etc."

Keeping a conservative Republican Majority is the only way we will be abvble to avance an agenda of smaller government, less spending, greater opportunity, and a more secure America.

The Republicans now have a secure majority in the US Senate, and yet they are not advancing that agenda. Why should anyone send them money for not doing what they promised to do in the first place?

Your support is critical, as the NRSC must ake sure that when the votes are counted, we still have a Mahority in the Senate -- and hopefully even more seats.

The Republican Party in Washington needs to start doing what the Republican Party in California, in Wisconsin, and in Alabama is doing. Start representing the voters, not the donors. Start representing the Middle Class and Main Street, not the Political Class and K Street.


As of yet, your contribution has not reached my desk. Perhaps our letters crossed in the mail and if so, please accept my deepest gratitude for your support and disregard this letter. If you haven't had the chance to send in your $25.00 contribution, please take the time to do so right now.

I have sent no letters and I have made one call: I will not donate a dime until the Senate Republicans start fighting as a whole against Big Government, Big Amnesty, and every Big special interest which seeks to take advantage of the Little Guy. Period.

Arthur, based on your conversation with Brent I know that you realize the importance of having a Republican Senate Majority. It's the only for us to undo the damage of the last six years of Obama's policies.

I can share with you that our internal polling is showing a lot of momentum -- now we need your $25.00 commitment to put us over the top.

When the "Democratic" Majority Leader Mitch McConnell steps down, and when fighting conservatives start pushing hard against the rogue President and his thuggish, politically tryannical bureaucracy, I will start donating again.

I have no idea how anyone got the idea that I was going to make any kind of pledge. I was very clear then, and I am very clear now: no money, no donations, nothing until the Republican Party in Washington starts fighting hard just like the voters in the grassroots.

Call the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Tell them: "Ditch Mitch!" and elect new Majority Leader who will fight for us and against Obama's agenda!

(202) 675-6000

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