Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Huntington Park Support for We the People Rising

I received the following letter from a resident in Huntington Park.

They are so glad that more people are protesting the rogue, corrupt city council, which appointed two illegals to city commissions, as well as other perverse violations of federal and state law.

Hi there. Valentin introduced us a few meetings back at HP City Zoo Hall.

Was watching the video of last nights meeting. Several references made to
the letter from the DA to HPCC indicating they did an illegal ejection. Do
you know where I can get a copy. 
We the People Rising

Was amazed at the lame motion made by Pineda regarding public comments.
His action was not on the agenda. Fault the prior council (a bunch of crooks) that
got rid of the city ORDINANCE that actually had a formal agenda to be followed.

Of course on the agenda last nite they didn't indicate there are two public comment periods.

You all are driving them nuts. Such protests are supposed to last a few meetings
not go on for several months. Pressure is great.

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