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Kristin Olsen for CA State Senate District Five

The Los Angeles Times published another hit piece against the California Republican Party.

Why do we even read this stuff? To make sure that we know our enemies and how to deal with their tactics. The bias in the press is substantial, but as long as the Los Angeles Times loses readers and declines in sales, California conservatives will have less to worry about.

Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto)

Which brings me to outgoing state assembly minority leader Kristin Olsen.

Earlier this year, after Republicans scooped up two more special election wins, Olsen took the time to travel down to the South Bay and help David Hadley's reelection efforts. Very commendable.

She has been a team player for a long time, and I look forward to helping her team run for state senate next year.

Later this year, I met her at the California Republican Party convention in September, where she told me her plans about running for state senate district five next year,

Here is the map of the district:

State Senate District Five
Some conservative partisans are worried that Big Business interests will scare off any Republican challengers to the sitting incumbent, Cathleen Galgiani, because of her pro-business votes and moderate record.

A moderate Democrat is still a Democrat, and cannot be trusted to stay free from the machine when pressure builds.

The Los Angeles Times reported their uninformed slant on the developing

A State Senate race in the San Joaquin Valley has all the makings of a prime 2016 showdown: a swing district that leans conservative, a Democratic incumbent who notched a narrow win four years ago and a potential challenge from the leader of the Assembly Republicans.
But the California GOP plans to sit this one out.
Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) said party officials told her that if she runs against Sen. Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton), she'll be getting no help from them.
This statement in no way implies that the California Republican Party does not care about this seat, or that they have sold out their hopes. The fact is, just like any organization looking for the most cost-effective use of their resources, the CA GOP will be defending remarkable wins from 2014 during a Presidential year.
The reported failed to point out that Democrats all but gave up two special elections for state senate earlier this year,  in Palmdale and Irvine. What of that? The California Democratic Party must be in deep trouble, or lack considerable resources. if they let two potential pick-ups slip out of their fingers. Another reason for those lossses: Democrats spending millions wiping each other out in an East Bay special election, with moderate, pro-worker, anti-union Steve Glazer winning the seat.
The LA Times continued:
"The party has made a commitment to various interests that they will not spend party resources in Senate District 5," Olsen said in an interview.
Exactly. Kristin Olsen as assembly minority leader had to make tough decisions about potential wins and losses for her causus, too. There are a number of winnable seats for California Republicans, but money has to be spent wisely.

Neither state GOP chairman Jim Brulte nor Senate Republican leader Jean Fuller of Bakersfield would comment on the unusual decision to lay off a competitive race, especially one that could involve a legislative leader. But it is the latest manifestation of a new political order taking shape in the Capitol.

They do not have to comment, nor should they. The LA Times will do just about anything to divide Republicans and promote an illiberal, regressive agenda.

Besides, who reads the Times, anyway - unless it reports Republican victories or endorses Republican candidates?
Kristin Olsen (on the left)
As of today, I support Kristin Olsen for State Senate District Five, and I wish her well in her campaign.


Conservatives in East Bay and throughout the state are concerned that California Republican Party are backing away from potential wins because the Chamber of Commerce or other pro-business interests are not backing Republican candidates anymore. They cite what happened in the Senate District Seven special election in March, 2015, with Orinda mayor Steve Glazer running for state senate after losing to Catharine Baker in 2014.

The fact is that there was no strong Republican contender for that special election seat, especially with Mark Meuser's sudden decision to drop out of the race right before the filing period closed. The SD-5 seat is much more competitive based on the numbers, and Olsen is a much stronger candidate. She can raise more money with her connections and her record.

Furthermore, the Chamber of Commerce, or Big Business lobby, is taking on stances and an agenda contrary to the best interests of working Americans and the citizenry in general. Do we really want them to buy candidates for the Republican Party?

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