Friday, January 29, 2021

A Christian Argument for Defunding the Police

There has been a great deal of discussion among the Left about defunding the police.

You might be surprised to know that a Christian activist named Paul Dorr actively discussed defunding the police as well, although his argument came from the position of ensuring accountability from government and restoring power of security and police authority to the people.

Paul Dorr, Christian Activist and Consultant

Check out his post below. Let me know your thoughts"

I'm on another wall discussing the idea of getting rid of the police. I'm the only Christian agreeing with it. See some thoughts below. Patricia Wheat and Brent Allan Winters need to be heard across the land.

"Or we could could have the restoration of the Common Law shires where men of the neighborhood would work together to keep the peace, including the use of force and arrest. As I'm writing, the national media have reported that this is what has taken over right now on Lake Street in the southside of Minneapolis. The neighbors are standing guard on top of their homes and properties protecting each other, with arms. The rioters won't come back to Lake Street anytime soon. One thing they all know for sure is that cops and national guard were not there when they needed them. (They were probably too busy enforcing 'social distancing' at local churches. lol)
The neighborhoods could elect themselves a 'reef' to be the head man of all the neighbors to organize this public safety idea. In England he was the reef of the shire. In America we reversed it and called him the shire-reef or Sheriff. The locally elected Sheriff should have a small staff (relatively speaking) and many local volunteer deputies to be called on when needed.
"Professional" police came from metro London (the Bobbies) and came under the executive branch (Mayors) and have been a disaster, made worse by limited immunity Supreme Court rulings over the last 25 years. This limited immunity along with succeeding Court rulings has turned it into "unlimited" immunity. Professional cops can do just about anything they want of an unjust sometimes criminal nature, when they are stopping people...and get away with it, unless a video camera is rolling. The inner city people have felt the blunt force trauma of this tyranny more than any for the last generation. This plays no small roll in the fact that our "great Christian (antinomian) nation" has the highest incarceration rate in the world. --- Paul Dorr

Paul's argument about qualified immunity is well-taken. Police officers can get away with violating the rights of others, and there is no legal recourse. This is a problem I have faced a number of times, not just in Huntington Park, when I was arrested without a cause, but also in Chula Vista, when a police officer told me that I could not bring signs into the city council meeting. That was a lie and a fraud, and I pushed back on the cop and won that fight. A few year prior to that, a police officer for the Montebello Unified School District asked me to step outside. He asked for my ID, and I told him "No," which is my right, since he did not have probable cause. He then told me that the superintendent had issued an order that no flyers could be distributed in the school board lobby. He threatened to force me to leave.

At the time, I had no recourse, no legal representation. The cop got away with it. These kinds of incursions of our natural rights are all too common because of bad police officers, and they need to be challenged. The best way to ensure that they do not happen as much would be to take away the qualified immunity which police officers currently enjoy.

I may not agree with Paul Dorr on everything, but his analysis and arguments are rock solid on this matter, no doubt. It's time for Americans to stop being pro-cop, and they need to start being pro-rule of law. There is a substantial difference!

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