Wednesday, January 27, 2021

West Virginia Newspaper Harasses MassResistance Activist, Trying to Shame and Intimidate Pro-Family Activists

Cindy Frich of Morgantown, West Virginia is one of the bravest women in the Mountain State.

The state's motto is "Mountain People are Always Free." She exemplifies it.

She has not been afraid to speak out for faith, family, and freedom. She took a bold stance against Drag Queen Story Hour at the Morgantown, West Virginia library in late 2019.

Because of her efforts with other local MassResistance activists, they were able to get the Drag Queen Story Hour program shut down! Here's the whole story.

Of course, her bold stances against the LGBT agenda have caused her some pushback and she has made some enemies in her state.

The abuses that she has endured are something else:

1. She has been doxxed numerous times.

2. She has received death threats.

3. The local politicians have specifically targeted her for her strong pro-family stance.

4. The local press looks for every instance possible to shame and defame her.

The latest newspaper that has sunk to this new low? 

The Dominion Post:

A reporter is now on the beat to report the latest "news" about a Facebook post that Cindy Frich, a private citizen, posted on her social media.

Here's the reporter: David Beard

Here's the email that "journalist" David Beard sent to Cindy Frich:

At this time, Cindy has wisely refrained from responding. It's crystal clear that this propagandist disguised as a journalist is interested in writing a hit piece to shame, defame, and ultimately intimidate Cindy Frich.

David then wrote a follow-up email:

For the record, here's the meme that Cindy Frich posted:

Also, Cindy just received another death threat on the above post:

Notice in the above emails that propagandist David Beard is clearly pushing a narrative, an agenda when he blatantly contradicts which Frich wrote. He insists on defending Rachel Levine, for example, when it's the job of a journalist to gather facts. And what kind of journalist spends his time trolling the social media of citizens in the community for news? Is this how bad journalism has become?

In effect, David Beard is lying and trying to push a false, pro-LGBT agenda, since the facts remain that Pennsylvania Health Director Rachel Levine (a man pretending to be a woman) did indeed remove his mother from a nursing home, while he directed all over Pennsylvania residents with COVID-19 to go into nursing homes. Those elder residents were much more susceptible to catching the illness and dying. In a number of states, Democratic governors ordered elderly patients who had suffered from COVID-19 to return to the nursing homes. The number of deaths among the elderly populations in those homes skyrocketed.

And yes, Rachel Levine, the health director in Pennsylvania at the time, was responsible for many of those deaths in his home state, too.

For the record, in the emails above, you will notice that the "journalist" David Beard insists on calling him a "her". That is outlandish and outrageous, further demonstrating how corrupted and propagandist the local media has become in many states, including West Virginia.

I am urging everyone who is reading this post to contact David Beard and the Dominion Post. Tell them to stop harrassing Cindy Frich, and tell them to stop printing lies about the LGBT Agenda, and tell them to stop promoting progressive, statist politicians while also shaming, defaming, and ultimately intimidating local residents who care about faith, family, and freedom--and who are not afraid to speak out against the destructive lies of the LGBT Agenda.

David Beard:
304-290-4464 cell

Dominion Post
304-291-9436 office
Managing Editor Pam Queen


As of this writing, Dave Beard wrote the following to Cindy Frich:

I appreciate your concern about the safety of your parents. 

I'm not a lawyer and don't know your precise public figure status, but you recently ran for public office and have been a long-time public figure, and posted the meme on a public forum that generated 114 comments (some of the being your replies, of course), 58 emoji responses and 29 shares. There is a legitimate public interest in the public comments of someone who has run for and held office and could possibly run again. We would do the same for any office holder or candidate regardless of party. We always seek to be balanced, accurate, responsible and fair, which his why we have made sure to offer you the opportunity to state your vies.

I don't really need to address your questions about internal newspaper matters but I'll say that deadline on election night didn't allow time to contact all 10 or 11 51st District candidates and you weren't singled out, and stories noted the close margin. And unfortunately, our usual campaign finance stories took a back seat to COVID coverage.

For more information, please contact Arthur Schaper


Cell: (781) 474-3005 

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