Thursday, January 14, 2021

Be Bold -- Say Something: Project Veritas Winning!

 Well, these are very promising developments!

Check out what James O'Keefe had to share today!


Dear Arthur,

Last week I told you that the only way you can be defeated is if you stop fighting.

And I refuse to stop fighting.

That’s why Project Veritas released another tape inside a corrupt media giant this week.

And that’s why we are working around the country 7 days a week to release the next one.

And the accountability that never happens? The justice that never gets served?


That corrupt media giant, federally funded PBS News, FIRED their PRINCIPAL COUNSEL after we released an undercover tape exposing his threats of political violence against the White House and taking children from Trump voters.

And just yesterday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that Raquel Rodriguez had been arrested on four FELONY charges relating to the cash-for-ballots harvesting scheme we busted in San Antonio.

So I tell you this, have faith. Believe.

Rest a little easier knowing that there are patriots out there fighting for the truth every single day and with your support they will never stop.

The dream of Project Veritas started over 10 years ago now, with maxed out credit cards and my grandmother’s chinchilla coat.

And I am proud to report that Project Veritas has grown a lot since then, and the time has never been more important for the mission of 'truth to power' to keep expanding.

My team is processing hundreds, if not thousands, of applications a week. Patriots across the country are willing to change their lives to wear undercover cameras and expose the powers that be.

We are ready to expand and expose more corruption, because the truth is all that matters.

I’m humbly and excitedly asking you for your support in this mission.

Without our great donors, our work would not be possible.

Can I count on your fully tax-deductible donation of $50, $100, $250, or more right now?

With your help, Veritas will be able to make an even bigger impact in the year to come.

We have work to do,



You only lose when you stop fighting. We are not going to stop fighting. That's what matters. Let us not back down, let us not back away from the fight! Let's keep going, keep doing all that we can to stand up to the communistic menace in our midst!

Great work, Project Veritas!

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