Sunday, January 31, 2021

Easy Reader Reporter Admits: We Are Going Bust

 Ryan McDonald of the Easy Reader News interviewed me for a story about the fate of the Republican Party in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County.

I recorded our interview:

Here's what he had to say about Easy Reader News:

"I used to cover Hermosa. With the pandemic, a lot of Easy Reader staff got laid off, so things have been pretty different. It' tough for everybody right now."


Ryan McDonald also shared toward the end of our interview that he thinks that the LA Times is a newspaper of high repute, and he also believes that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a noteworthy organization.

It's really disturbing to hear how cut off from reality so many of the journalists in our current press corps have become so biased, and so blinded to their bias.

In my interview with McDonald, I pressed him a number of times about the rancorous, unyielding bias of the media against President Donald Trump. I called out the fact that they routinely lied about him, claiming that he had said that Nazis and White Supremacists were good people, when he had never said that, and he repeatedly denied referring to them.

I guess I can give Ryan McDonald some credit, in that he did not mention anything about the hate group from Alabama in his Easy Reader story. 

Still, I must say that I was shocked and dismayed that McDonald thinks that the LA Times is a newspaper of good repute. He disputed the point that I made, that the newspaper is racist, even though the editorial board and the owner of the newspaper admitted that the LA Times had a racist past. They wrote two articles about it!

At any rate, in spite of the fact that the reporter called on some sordid elements in the South Bay to try to defame me, the article was all around pretty good.

I am also glad that I am able to expose that Easy Reader News is about to close down for good, since they have spent too much time pushing a left-wing agenda, especially considering the negative cartoons they print which attack President Donald Trump and conservatives.

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