Thursday, March 19, 2020

Call Idaho Goverrnor: Tell Him to Protect Women's Sports, Sign HB 500!

Another chance for victory!

Everyone, please contact Idaho Governor Brad Little's Office, tell him to SIGN HB 500 -- no more normalizing transgenderism to ruin women's sports!

Governor Brad Little, 208-334-2100

I am asking each of you to send this on FB and any other social media:The "LGBTQ" youth corruption folks at GLSEN are inundating the Idaho governor with calls urging a VETO on a bill that keeps boys out of girls' sports. It's House Bill 500 which passed the House and the Senate. Please, can each of you call and ask him to sign the bill? VERY important! Don't let the corrupters win! Governor Brad Little, 208-334-2100

Tell Governor Brad Little
Sign HB 500!

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