Monday, September 4, 2017

Counter-Protest in LA! President Trump, #RepealDACA Now!


We need to step up and push against this perverse disregard for our nation's immigration laws.

The arrogant left-wing hate groups all over California are putting the demands of illegal aliens and their enablers ahead of American citizens.

This is wrong, and we just cannot allow this to happen!

Please email me or text me through Facebook if you are able to attend and counter protest this DACA kaka!

Enough is enough!

Our federal government must put the needs of Americans First, and stop pandering to illegal aliens and the open borders-amnesty lobby. The media--the world!--needs to know that 4.5 million Californians voted for Donald Trump, and they do not support the scuttling and undermining of our nation's immigration laws!

Please contact me if you can attend to counter-protest! Tell President Trump: Repeal DACA Now!

Arthur Schaper, LA County for Trump


You probably heard the rumors about DACA ending - which would drastically change the lives of over 800,000 immigrant youth in this country. DACA is still in place until an official announcement is made, which we expect to happen tomorrow, Tuesday, September 5th.

That’s why now more than ever we need to be ready to take action across the country to show Trump and this administration that we won’t let this happen without a serious fight. Can I count on you to come out TOMORROW September 5th to protect DACA and immigrant youth like me?

Rise Up 4 DACA Los Angeles
10:00 AM
Roybal Federal Building
255 E. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Have DACA? Learn more about what is happening and how to take care of yourself during this moment.

White supremacists have long been plotting a way to deport more and more people, and one of their ways is to end DACA. Together we can send the message that people of consciousness are the majority and that we'll defend immigrants from their agenda. Together we can heal our communities by coming out this Tuesday.

Will I see you out there?

Let’s send a loud and bold message to Trump and White Supremacists tomorrow: DACA and immigrants are #HereToStay!

See you in the streets,
Adrian and the rest of team at United We Dream

PS:  We will hold a community call on Tuesday, September 5th at 9pm ET in English. Text DACACall to 877- 877 right now to RSVP. Once it’s time for the community call, we’ll call your phone and connect you into the national community call. It’s free to participate and we’ll have experts answer your questions live.  

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