Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Briana Walker, aka KREEPY Minivan Karen Defends Sex Business in Irvine

Minivan Karen Briana Walker strikes again

In a previous post, I introduced to readers Briana Walker, aka In Minivan Hell, an angry OC Karen who has a problem with people who don't look like her.

I particularly exposed her for her perverse need to defame and shame patriots who want to protect children, who are generally conservative and care about their communities, and who are committed to standing up to the common-place left-wing harassment building in California.

Today, I need to share with all fo you that Briana Walker is now trumpeting (or should I wrote "strumpeting") her support for a so-called sex positive business in Irvine, California, where she lives (I suppose).

She is actually defending a sexually perverted business in conservative Orange County. 


She does this all the while pretending to care about the health and welfare of so-called at-risk youth. The truth is that she wants to push the destructive, harmful, degenerate LGBT agenda onto children and adults alike. As I have said before, anyone who celebrates LGBT-anything is a pervert and a predator. It's is absolute grooming, and absolutely creepy that any mother would want to flaunt and promote such sexually degenerate commerce in a family-friendly city like IRVINE.

Check out her tweets below:

What kind of sick, twisted, and demented mind wants to push this kind of trash in any city, including the city of Irvine? Minivan Karen should be called Kreepy Minivan Karen at this point. And it gets creepier: Really? Vibrators? This woman has kids? I hope that those kids are safe. What kind of sick woman wants to flaunt such sexual deviance on social media, as if it's completely normal? Kreepy Minivan Karen should not be allowed in public if she thinks it's OK to promote such vile deviance.

What is the matter with these people? Minivan Karen gives off that "stranger danger" vibe, too. Really disturbing!

Please report her Twitter feed and get her shut down. She is a disgrace!

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