Sunday, August 7, 2022

Obsessed Granny Groomer Kelly Stuart Shows Racist Colors: Calls Black People "Welfare Queens"

Kelly "Karen, Granny Groomer" Stuart of El Segundo is obsessed with me and she has been following and reading and sharing my blog! 

So much winning! This is "Living in the Libs' Heads Rent-Free" on hyperdrive! 

 Check out her latest tweet:

This is the post that she is complaining about

"Shut Up, Melina!" Abdullah Slams Koretz for Doing His Job 

For those who don't know, Melina Abdullah is a black supremacist professor at Cal State Los Angeles. She is a vile, and violent, agitator in the city of Los Angeles and throughout Los Angeles County. She is also pretty corrupt, since in the LA BOS Fight for District Two in 2020 between Herb Wesson and Holly Mitchell, Abdullah went with Herb Wesson, who was the more establishment, swampy Democrat running to replace Mark Ridley-Thomas.

In my blog, I called Melina a "welfare queen." And she is! She gets big money from the government to do ... nothing worthwhile or contributory or compensatory for her community or the county.

And yet, for some reason, Kelly Stuart thinks that my comment is an "anti-Black slur."

Why does she associate welfare with "black"?

That is racist!

Kelly Stuart thinks that black people are predominantly welfare queens. That is so hateful! It is so disgusting. However, I can't say that I am surprised that she would write something like that. Antifa Karens like Kelly Stuart and her other left-wing hater cohorts often look down on Black, Hispanic, and Asian people. They have all sorts of stereotypes about people who do not look like them.

And here we have further proof that Kelly "Granny Grooner" Stuart is a racist.

Please report her Twitter feed. (Click here)

Please also start reporting her LinkedIn page.

She is running scared, she is really panicking, and yes, she is totally obsessed with me now.

She has been tweeting about me and my blog for the last week straight:


And this:

And this

And here is my final comment, an open letter to Kelly Stuart:

Dear Karen Kelly, I know that you are reading this blog, and I just want you to know that more people are reading up about you and the rest of your hateful, fascist Antifa klan throughout Los Angeles County. Thanks for telling people to report this blog, because it just means that more trafficking visits this site.

Please keep letting people know about these blog posts, because more people are reading about you and finding out the truth. Thanks again!

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  1. She's just upset and throws a temper because she in a hate group antifa and supports hate groups antifa blm kkk and so on but when Republicans confront her she uses children as her defense and says Republicans rape children she's sick and needs to be locked up and she says I attack people at rallies hey kelly who do I fight because I do fight hate groups that come near me like blm and antifa she has no proof only what chad loder has said she goes off of that