Sunday, September 3, 2017

!Afuera¡ Violent Uprising Ensues When Trump Supporters Enter Chicano Park in San Diego, CA (Video)

Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from a fellow patriot that they were going to Chicano Park in San Diego, CA.

They wanted to check out the scenery. They also wanted to look at the imagery and see all the stuff that was there.

I had heard very disturbing reports and saw unseemly pictures of everything painted on the walls and along the freeways.

Here are some pictures that I had seen:

Does that picture above seem welcoming?

It looks like they are telling "Yankees" to go home.

Check out the entire video that I took of my time there.

It started out with meeting three other men prepared to enter the park:

Pretty scary stuff at the outset.

I saw at least eight police vehicles drive down the off-ramp to go toward the park.

Eventually we walked to the park. Roger Ogden showed up and brought pizza and water to the event.

We were going to enjoy a picnic and see the park.

I had been told that a Nazi swastika is located in the park.

Check out what it looks like here:

People tell me that that is a bent swastika, and it's not really a Nazi symbol.

Then one member of our team informed me that a Nazi was one of the founding activists to set up Chicano Park.

This Chicano ideology is a violent, anti-American, bigoted ideology.

This concurrence of hate is based on the lie that California and other states in the Southwest somehow still belong to Mexico, or that the territory should be ceded away from the United States to form a new, mythical territory called Aztlan. One radical professor, Armando Navarro, wrote a textbook in order to remove American power and respect from the Southwestern United States.

And he gets paid with taxpayer dollars to do just that.


The whole Chicano movement is anti-Anglo, anti-American, and anti-Semitic.

In the video that I took, you will notice someone shame me--or rather attempt to shame me--by shouting: "You are probably Jewish!"

What difference does it make whether I am or not?

You will notice in the video that we arrived at the park and within ten minutes brown supremacist hordes showed up, hiding behind brown masks, wearing brown berets bandanas over their faces.

Why do they hide their faces? What are they ashamed of?!

They surrounded us, and in response the police surrounded our table, where we were trying to eat and and drink the picnic which Roger Ogden had brought to share with us.

The menacing presence of these Brown Supremacists was something to behold. They shouted slurs and hate at us.

What was their problem? We five men had shown up to get something to eat and to document what was in the park. Why is that these hordes violently threatened and menaced us to drive us out of the park?

The police in charge of security urged us to leave, and they offered to walk us to our cars. They followed us, these Brown Power hordes. There was so much hate in their eyes, and they shouted such evil things at us. One guy charged a gate near Roger Ogden to try and startle him, too.

Why did some of those protesters act like such animals? Why do they hate people who do not look like them?

The hate is intense. This anti-American hate must be exposed.

We demand that the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security investigate and put an end to this enforced segregation in Chicano Park. Every section of the United States is American territory, and Americans of any and all backgrounds should be able to go anywhere they want to and exercise free speech!


  1. "Yonkes" means "junkyard" dumbass.

    1. dumbass? what is wrong with you that you have to call names? if you are going to translate something to be helpful then why are you calling names? something wrong here...

    2. So the mural is saying no junkyards? I doubt it.

    3. Yonkes does mean junkyards. Thats what the city of san diego wanted to initially have in that area. The community of Barrio Logan untied to fight(non violent) the city, and eventually the community won. Look it up my uneducated friend.

    4. Yes, it is saying No Junkyards...there used to be Dozens, and they go rid of them.

      ... and yes, that was a real dumbass comment... You are making the right (which I'm a part) look STUPID with ignorant assuming comments like that. Criticize Che and Communist symbolism, but not YONKES... dumbasses.

      - Stewart (longtime San Diego resident)

    5. Yonkes means Junkyard, they were going to build a junkyard there many moons ago and the residents said "No!". What you are calling a Swastika is not so, you should research because even your hate should have some sort of foundation. The symbol for the Mayan's is representative of four seasons.

  2. The "swastika" is an ancient symbol meaning united and other things as well. It's more than a thousand years old. The Hindu's used it too. Why go to a park where you know you're an outsider?

    1. Is that why I'm on a 30 day FB suspension?... For an "ancient symbol" that the Hindu's used? Or is it because I'm white? America doesn't have "outsider" parks.

    2. Well then why don't you and your chickenshit friends visit our brothers in Compton? You have an open invitation....

    3. how do i know if i am an outsider? i frequently stop at parks when i travel to enjoy the scenery. is this a threat that travelers are not welcome at this park? will you hurt or harass them? why are you doing this? makes san diego seem like an evil place to have such horrible people making visitors feel unwelcome. Very sad. At least I have my cell phone and will be ready to call the police if i get harassed/attacked at one of these parks where the evil people don't welcome everyone...

    4. The commonality are the occult practices of both Aztecs and the Nazis. It is no surprise that the imagery of both would overlap.

    5. What do you mean why go to a park where you are an outsider? This is America and people have the right to elsewhere to go! And if that same swastika was tattooed on a white person he'd be a Nazi right. This is b******* you people Latinos are more racist than white people!

  3. Outsider??! What !!! American citizens are NOT outsiders.
    Now that I am aware of the park and how people at the park only want to allow people in that think like them( no racist, don't play that card) or have the same color of skin as them. And is paid with Taxpayers dollars. Who's racist NOW?!
    Take your hate and move away. Because this is NOT how the USA rolls. This uncivilized time we are living in needs to be brought into the light and either start acting proud to be an American Citizens or peace out. This will NOT be tolerated ..
    TAKE your hate and move away.

  4. Cause this is America and you can go wherever you long as you're a citizen...if not, get the fuck out...

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  6. This is the United States. And ALL U.S. citizens have the right to be any where yhey want to be in the U.S.
    Only exception is safety hazard areas.

  7. this is the most uneducated article, learn your history first before you start talking negative your ignorant prick. Also it was he email thread the your pizza buddy roger sent out saying he wanted to "document the park" in case you saw anything that was worth destroying to get back for the other statues that commemorate hate that you obviously stand for that got removed. This article sounds like a cry for mercy when in reality it was you and your pizza gathering friends along with the email roger sent out that leaked and started this frenzy. Get educated, the truth will set you free.

    1. 100% this guy is a total fuckin moron and loves to stir the pot.

      Anyone can walk in this beautiful park. Just don't be disrespectful the way this guy has been for years

    2. what is this rambling diatribe? are you saying that if i bring pizza to the park that there will be a frenzy? you want to educate me on what kind of food i am supposed to bring to this park in order to not be harassed. what clothes am i supposed to wear in order to not be harassed? what kind of food am i supposed to bring to not be harassed? and are you saying i can't go to check out the murals but must go for some other purpose? what purposes must i have to enter this park and not be harassed? what truth are you talking about, please educate me and any other persons who would like to enjoy this park?

    3. Chicano Park has been known as a No Go Zone for Whites because of shit like this. It receives federal tax dollars and it's users kill cops:

  8. If you truly want to sit at the park and eat pizza you are more than welcome to. If u really want to ill buy the whloe lunch for you. Chicano park is for everyone not just Latinos. Andrew Zimmerman was there last month filming for his new tv show. It's just a problem when you announced via email or social media that you are there to destroy the parks murals. If u want I can educate you correctly on the history of the park and the community.

    1. We did not announce that we were there to destroy the park in any media. Think about it. Would we go to destroy the park when 500 Chicano goons and half a dozen news camera crews are there waiting for us. We were just going to look at the murals and I was going to point out the features that are anti-American. We communicated only by e-mail. But a leftist lurker on my email list leaked the info to the San Diego Free Press. The SDFP and other leftist sites created a hysteria over nothing. We decide to do as we had originally planned in order to assert our rights and show the intolerance of La Raza and the Left, if they should try to drive us out. It worked very well.

  9. They make there trip of hate & disrespect sound so innocent. They called for more supporters but the 5 is all they got ! !

  10. Coming to the park with the purpose of documenting images that you don't like and want remove is not just coming to enjoy the park and eat pizza. You and all four of your friends know dam well that your agenda was not to walk around the park enjoying and learning about our history. Acting like you were the victims in all of this, is funny to say the least. Your ideology and your ways of thinking, is what's wrong with you and your friends. If you really wanted to learn about Chicano Park like most people of all walks of life do on a daily basis, your friend from Imperial Beach Roger Ogden wouldn't have posted on social media what he did. By the way for your information Logan Heights had a lot of Junkyards in the past and it was part of what was contaminating the neighborhood besides NASCO, therefore muralist painted the mural that showed how people felt about these businesses. Barrio Si! Yonkes No! Neighborhood Yes! Junkyards No!
    You should ask before coming to the wrong conclusion, but I already know that you are not interest in the truth, you are interested in twisting it. But guess what, WE ARE READY FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! WE CAN COME TOGETHER TO EXCHANGE INFORMACION WITH YOU IF YOU LIKE.

  11. As someone who has worked on environmental justice issues in Barrio Logan, the demand that no more junkyards be placed there is reso. This mural is about junkyard businesses targeting Barrio Logan. An agreement was made with tge city of SD to centralize junk yards in Otay mesa. The mural is not misspelled as you might be thinking.

  12. Yonkes = Junkyards.
    Swastika = Symbol of Peace & Unity
    REVERSE Swastika = Nazi Symbol of anti-Semitism

    Some history for the uneducated and new to San Diego:

    Chicano Park was edified as the point where the chicano community of Logan Heights (Barrio Logan) took a stand to protect the neighborhood that was going to be replaced by "Yonkes" (Junkyards). The city had originally planned to reoccupy the space that is now Barrio Logan as junkyard and warehouse space. The community opposition won and the neighborhood was not ousted.

    The murals that line Chicano Park are homage to community leaders, Chicano leaders, and the sympathy and brotherhood of Mexican roots with Native Americans. It is a celebration of the day that community won over what many consideres hatred and insensitivity towards Chicanos.

  13. You can go to Chicano Park any day and be welcomed by the community, but if you set up a public event hosted by white nationalist and looking to deface or change the park in any way in a very STRONG community you will face backlash.

    Rodger literally stated he wanted to "topple the monument" that he completely misinterpreted with his lack of education on the subject. He also made a very absurd video with his "explanations" that made no sense whatsoever. This whole thing was ridiculous and this article is the most bunk shit I have ever read.

  14. I see a lot of naming calling foul language here. Most of you on this thread say How uneducated Arthur and his friends are. You all had a perfect opportunity to educate Arthur and his friends if you felt they were there to cause harm- which they were NOT. They were greeted with threats and actually had to leave the park. That is NOT how you educate, that is pure bullying. Further I have yet to see any proof ( except accusations) that Arthur and his friends came into that Public Park to cause Harm . I am happy that I was able to see the art work. NOTHING should be anti American on display here in America!!weather it's a Murals or behavior. I am also uneducated in what the murals stand for, Iam now researching. Murals are done in Beautiful colors.
    Heritage is very important to people.. I do get that. But please remember being Proud to be an American Citizen is most important.
    I do Not see, and I watched the entire video live feed that day when or where Arthur or his friends did anything to harm or talked about causing harm to the Public park or the people at that public park. What I did see is how Arthur and his friends were treated. It's shameful.

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  17. DELUSIONAL, just like your cult leader #45. There were no crimes nor arrests. Check the SDPD website. While on the internet, go to and get your DNA test. It may prove you are not as PURE WHITE as you think.