Monday, February 8, 2021

Open Letter to Michelle Malkin Re: The Groypers


First of all, I love your work. I was there to meet with you last year when you spoke in Fullerton, CA last year.

Here's a photo of you and me after your talk:
Second, I am THRILLED that you exposed CPAC and Conservative Inc at great length. They really screwed over MassResistance, as they pander to LGBT causes, including
I cannot thank you, in fact Brian and I cannot thank you enough for calling out and exposing CPAC!
They are not just bad, but dangerous to the conservative cause, since they induce college-aged people to think that you can be conservative and embrace a false agenda based on cultural Marxism which harms the civic culture and the societal underpinnings which make civilization—Western civilization—possible/
To be honest, has pretty much fallen into the Conservative Inc. category, too. I used to write for them, up to my last two articles about Pete "Alfred E" Buttigieg. Then they would not publish my submissions after that, and I just stopped writing for them.
Third of all -- GREAT ARTICLE about MassResistance’s efforts. To my knowledge, this is the first time you have taken on the Big LGBT agenda assaulting our country and attacking our children, our country, and our culture!
I hope that you write more articles exposing Big Gay. This agenda needs to be confronted head on! I am so thrilled that you are writing about this perverse Big LGBT agenda, and I hope that you will write more articles about it. MassResistance is staunchly committed to speaking the whole truth about this agenda: no one is "born that way", and in no wise should it be treated as a civil right. I have often shared that we need a wall around our border, but we also need a wall around our culture, protecting father and mother – Make Male and Female Great Again, Make Marriage Great Again, Make Mom and Dad Great Again. I believe that you would agree with me on this.
Now, I wanted to respond to the comment you wrote on Telegram:
I would like to first point out that I did not criticize you publicly. I wrote to you privately not to shame or demean you, but to share my concern. I care about your work very much, and I am in full agreement with your opposition to open borders, amnesty, etc. I have a copy of your latest book, signed by you! I only wish you had shared your upset with me privately, but that's fine.
Here's the debate I endured with Fuentes:
 It was really awful. He made a number of anti-Semitic comments to me, and he has made them to others. I'm not even Jewish, but to assume that one's ethnic status informs one's opinions or allegiances to the United States is distinctly un-American. He has made numerous comments dismissing or casting doubt on the Holocaust. He has also argued that people who are not white should live in another country. He really believed that conflict would end if we had a country with a more racially or ethnically homogenous population. "All men are created equal" reads our Founding Declaration. Fuentes does not agree with that. He has called marriage between a white person and a black person “degenerate.” This is not “America First”.
I admit that in the debate I was not prepared for the anti-Zionist arguments about the LaVon Affair, USS Liberty, etc. I later learned that many anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic polemicists often resort to these talking points to obfuscate the argument. A number of people caught me up to speed on these issues after that debate.
Fuentes was boorish, abusive, and very rude in the debate, as well. These behaviors and the ideas he has espoused are not worth allying oneself with. Granted, he agrees with us on stopping open borders, amnesty, and the LGBT agenda. But that does not excuse his other offensive and false views. They are not commensurate with putting American citizens, country, and culture first in our estimation. 
He even defended the Islamic Republic of Iran as a victim, when that country has routinely punished their own people (who love the United States) while providing funding for terrorist groups in the Middle East which attack us. That nation's parliament burns American flags. Why would anyone defend Iran, or more specifically the Ayatollah's regime?
He literally said "I would rather live in a fascist state." What? How is that America First? His views on race and the role of economic freedom are simply not "America First", either. He has written "fuck the free market" -- seriously? Free enterprise as domestic policy is excellent, a commensurate part of what makes America great. AND imposing tariffs on goods from rogue states and to protect our native-grown manufacturing industries is completely acceptable. Thomas Sowell defends the tariff practice in his book "Basic Economics."
Again, I shared those comments with you privately because I care about your mission and your activism. You are making a mistake promoting this young man. He shamed me as "Israel First" just because I care about the state of Israel and I want that country to thrive--as part of God's mission on this earth to redeem all of mankind through His Son Christ Jesus. You can love Israel, and still be "America First", and thus care about your own country. Part of the reason Trump is President is on account of Evangelical voters, and they wanted a stronger recognition of Israel, i.e. the proper location of our embassy in Israel in the capital city.
Watch the debate for yourself, and please notice that I have not called for nor demanded that this debate be taken down. I don't ascribe to "Cancel Culture":
Furthermore, I do not want him or ANYONE deplatformed. I think it is totally wrong to deplatform people for sharing views that I do not agree with.
What can I say, Michelle, I love your work, but you are wrong about allying with this Fuentes guy.
Having written all of this, I thank you again for spotlighting the what MassResistance is doing. We need more nationally-read columnists standing up to and exposing the LGBT Agenda in its fullest. Too many conservatives have given up on calling out the lies about homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like.
I even wrote a glowing article about some of the so-called "Groypers" when they took on TPUSA for being pro-LGBT:
Thanks for allowing me to share these thoughts with you. Once again, I thank you and appreciate your help to fortify more people to fight this culture war and stop Big Gay.
One last tip:
You might want to start investigating the Big Islamic money that is flowing into colleges all over the United States. They are the ones pushing a lot of anti-Zionist, read Anti-Semitic propaganda around the country. You can definitely tie all of this to the massive refugee agenda that Big Business and Big Left are pushing.
And read "The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise" when you get a chance. The author Dario Fernandez-Morera tells the truth about the so-called "multicultural paradise" in Islamic Spain (which never happened, by the way), AND about the big rush of Islamic money pushing universities to abandon rigorous research and criticism of Islamic history and culture.
Thank you for your time, and once again, you can call me anytime.

Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

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