Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Left Never Stops Fighting -- Neither Should We

There is one thing about the Left that the right, that conservatives across the board need to learn:

They don't stop fighting.

The Left never stops fighting. They are never happy, never content. 

Just this past weekend, Black Lives Matter was still marching and marauding in the streets of Washington DC. They have not stopped making their demands known to the Biden Administration.

They understand that just because their candidates get elected to office, the work does not stop for them.

They know that you need to keep pressing your lawmakers, your elected officials to do the right things.

Electing the right people is just the first step. Making sure they do the right things is the next step. All of this is very important.

Conservatives need to conserve our Constitutional Republic. We need to fight for what we have, or we won't have anything left to fight for.

The point is, though, that we need to fight!

So let's get busy!

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