Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hawaii Freezes Over: Hypermajority Democratic State Rejects Sanctuary State Proposal

The state of Hawaii is the most Democratic, the most "progressive", i.e. the most corrupt, the state with the widest gap between rich and poor, the biggest difference between haves and have-nots.

The political class is so out-of-touch, and they do not care. The "Republicans" are not just RINOs, they are full-on left-wing traitors who vote for every corrupt, big government, anti-family proposal imaginable along with the vast majority of Democrats in the state legislature.

In spite of the decidedly left-wing tilt of the Hawaii state legislature, and the Democratic dominance thorughout the state, Election 2018 was not as bad for the Hawaii GOP. Republicans managed to hold onto all their seats in the State House of Representatives (5 out of 46), and they even gained a state senate seat (one out of 25), while Republicans in California, Oregon, and other states lost more seats!

But here's the big news ...

Not only did Republicans do (ever so slight) better than other state Republicans in other states during a so-called "blue wave), but Hawaii's legislators actually rejected a proposal to turn Hawaii into a Sanctuary State!

I cannot make this up.

Check out the report below!

State Rep. Gregg Takayama, the chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, said Tuesday he won’t be hearing the measure in his committee.

A bill that would have made Hawaii the third so-called sanctuary state for immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally has died at the state Legislature.

The state Senate passed the bill and sent it to the House. But Rep. Gregg Takayama, the chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, said Tuesday he won’t be hearing it in his committee. That effectively kills the bill.

Takayama said that because most law enforcement occurs at the county level, he believes it would be more appropriate for the counties and not the state to consider creating sanctuaries. He noted local jurisdictions on the mainland have done so.

“I didn’t think there is a compelling need for a state law in this area,” Takayama said.

Oregon was the first to become a sanctuary state in the 1980s. California followed in 2017.

Los Angeles and Philadelphia are among the dozens of U.S. cities, metro areas and counties that have implemented sanctuary laws. The measures aim to focus law enforcement officers on local crime rather than detaining people suspected of being in the country illegally.

The bill passed by the Senate said Hawaii law enforcement would have prevented law enforcement from stopping, questioning or interrogating an individual based solely on that person’s actual or suspected immigration or citizenship status.

Hawaii law enforcement officers would be prevented from inquiring about the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses and those who approach the police for help. Exceptions would be made to investigate potential criminal activity by the person.

Under the bill, Hawaii law enforcement would have been allowed to help federal immigration officials if presented with a warrant. They also would have assisted if the individual immigration officials were seeking information on had a felony conviction or had been convicted of a misdemeanor within the past five years. They would have helped if there was probable cause to believe the person was engaged in terrorist activity.

“It is essential to the public safety of all residents that there is a relationship of trust and cooperation among members of the immigrant community and state and local law enforcement agencies,” the bill said. This relationship is undermined when state and local law enforcement voluntarily act at the request of federal immigration officials, it said.

What is happening here?

The Chairman of the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee made the argument that these issues should be taken care of at the county and city level.

But let's cut the ōpiopio ("crap" in Hawaii). The votes in this hyperdemocratic legislature simply were not there. People do not want "sanctuary state".

Now, Hawaii is surrounded by water. How do illegal aliens break into Hawaii? The vast majority of them are VISA overstays, but those overstays are illegal aliens nonetheless and they are harming native Hawaiians, American citizens who want to work!

Still, how was this accomplished, that a liberal legislature caved and did not advance a terrible bill?

Just like in other deeply-blue states, there is a chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Unlike the other state chapters, however, the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly fights back and spares no expense or reserve to go after bad lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

If a Democratic hypermajority legislature could not pass sanctuary state laws at this point, doesn't that bode better for us on the mainland who want to stop this immoral, illegal travesty?

For now, to the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly, I say:


And -- can you help us mainlanders out?

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