Friday, March 22, 2019

RINO Alert for Kaui County, Hawaii Republican Party Convention

***** FRAUD ALERT:  Kauai RINO's Are Cheating Like Crazy on the Garden Island to Maintain Control of Dying Party Organization AT THIS SATURDAY'S COUNTY CONVENTION *****
Crooked Steve Yoder's Years of Political Failure
Are Only Eclipsed by His Desperation and Corruption

Aloha, Republicans:

In a desperate move by RINO's to retain control over the dying Kauai GOP -- which had zero candidates for office in 2018 and zero membership growth during outgoing county chair Steve Yoder's failed term in office -- the miserable and ineffective RINO Steve Yoder has decided to ask for a crooked lifeline from failed state chair Shirlene Ostrov and her ZERO-INTEGRITY lawyer Ann "I have no scruples and no brains" Correa, who serves as the state party's Ostrov-appointed chairwoman of its rules committee.
With frequently self-described “benevolent dictator” Yoder acknowledging that he's been completely outhustled by superior party organizer Dave Hamman in recruiting new party members on Kauai -- and with Hamman proving last month his ability to get district and precinct chairs elected at biennial caucus meetings on the Garden Isle -- Yoder refuses to see the writing on the wall.  In fact, Yoder was so flummoxed by Hamman and his REAL Republican cadre of supporters that on the morning after the Kauai precinct/district caucuses, Yoder sent a message expressing his self-pitying feelings to the entire state party leadership: "The delegates that were elected yesterday, will gladly vote for Dave in both conventions! I wish Dave and the new KRP the best and I hope they elect conservative Republicans to the Kauai County Council, Mayor, State House, State Senate, etc."  And Yoder's letter was signed, "Soon To Be Former Kauai GOP County Chair"
But then Yoder (who is already up to his eyeballs in the corruption scandal consuming the Hawaii GOP, now being investigated by the FBI and the FEC) was quickly made to realize by his fellow RINO’s such as career politician and closet Democrat Gene Ward that the entire fate of continued progressive control of the Hawaii GOP rested with Yoder trying to undermine fellow party members and Dave Hamman (pictured here) at every turn, despite being outhustled.  So, if Yoder can’t win honestly, he’s now turned to cheating. And so, while Hamman's team managed to elect a big number of delegates to this weekend's county convention on Kauai (where new county officers will be elected), Yoder believes he has an ace up his sleeve.
That 'ace' is the unethical and repugnant combination of crooked party bosses Correa and Ostrov.  The former has been looking the other way for years while the latter cheats and breaks rules, even making up rules by pulling them out of her okole; all while breaking the law left and right.
Again, Hamman's superior organizing efforts yielded a new district chair team for the three state house districts on Democrat-dominated Kauai, as well as a plethora of delegates to the county convention to be held on Saturday.  But in the RINO's desperation to maintain the failed party status quo on Kauai, Ostrov and Correa have given lame duck county chair Yoder the phony authority (a non-existent and contradictory authority under state and county rules) to STACK THE DECK appoint whomever they want to be delegates to this increasingly fake county convention that Yoder and RINO party leaders are shamelessly and manipulating from the state HQ on Kapiolani Blvd.
The RINO's who've joined Yoder for the ride in destroying the Kauai GOP are acting Yoder's witting accomplices in the cheating.  To counter the REAL Republicans recruited over many weeks by Dave Hamman, Yoder's minions are plumbing the depths of their Rolodexes looking for as many liberals and closet Democrats as they can herd onto flatbed trucks down to the Kauai county convention in order to cheat their way to victory using unqualified, illegally appointed delegates to tip the balance back in Yoder's favor.
What Yoder, Ostrov, and Correa don't understand is that Hawaii voters will NEVER be willing to overthrow the Democrat political majority and replace it with a Republican majority if Republican party leaders are JUST AS CROOKED AS DEMOCRATS.  With Crooked Yoder, Crooked Ostrov, and Crooked Correa burning down the house through extensive cheating, they are doing the Democrats dirty work by making the Hawaii GOP totally offensive to the average voter.
By the way, this is the same Crooked Ann Correa who actually issued an opinion as Ostrov's Rules Chair that the Executive Committee of the State Party was NEVER allowed to hold meetings unless Crooked Shirlene Ostrov called those meetings.  Indeed, Crooked Correa 'ruled' that she had invalidated meetings of the Executive Committee which were called during a time when Ostrov and her beau Blackburn didn't want to have anything to do with any other party leaders, so she made up a 'rule' (approved by Crooked Ann) which allowed Ostrov to "fire" party officers she didn't like.  By the way, all this dysfunction took place during the summer and fall of 2018, while the party was supposed to be firing on all four cylinders to get GOP candidates elected (and take advantage of having all the issues working against Democrats). But Shirlene and Ann were more committed to keeping power away from fellow party officers through subterfuge and manufacturing works of fiction in place of following party rules.  So, now you understand the ethically-challenged Ostrov-Correa method which is being applied in Kauai.
Anyway, if you like the crappy and controversial job done by Ann Correa's boss Gary Grimmer whoran the 2018 GOP state convention in Kaneohewhich resembled a rolling dumpster fire fueled by bags of toxic fertilizer provided by Ostrov and her not-so-secret beau Mark Blackburn, then you'll just LOVE how Correa has laid the groundwork for a trainwreck this Saturday in Kauai at the deliberately sabotaged county convention.
Yoder's abysmal record of failure is clear.  In 2018, there were no elected Republicans in the entire 25-member state senate.  But Yoder was content. That's why Yoder didn't have a single Republican running for state office from Kauai in 2018.  Not one. Not even when sitting on political ammunition like how the cost of housing exploded by 79% in just one year. Sadly, just like useless county chair Greg Lussier on Maui (who only had one GOP candidate running in 2018, an indicted sex offender now on trial), Yoder waved the white surrender flag LONG before Election Day.
Yes, despite the exploding cost of living on Kauai (such as the 79% increase in the cost of housing, Kauai's GOP under Steve Yoder and his RINO enablers like Bob Hickling hasn't laid a glove on the Democrats.  The county party leadership is just a social club which meets for the occasional meal while inceeasing numbers of suffering victims of the Democrat Machine remain untouched and unreached by the dormant joke-of-a-GOP.  No Kauai candidates ran in 2018 as Republicans, leaving three state house Democrats COMPLETELY SAFE from challenge in 2018. In House District 14, Nadine Nakamura coasted to re-election. Same for James Tokioka of Lihue in HD 15 and Dee Morikawa in HD 16.  Only Democrats on Kauai bother to challenge Democrats in primary elections. NO REPUBLICANS IN GENERAL ELECTIONS. Auwe!
Worst of all is how the Yoder Gang leaves Democrat state senator Ron Kouchi unscathed after all these years.  Kouchi is Hawaii's equivalent of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. Except that the situation is even worse. The leftist president of the State Senate is reponsible for some of the worst policies imaginable -- all of which are directly connected to the worsening financial situation of local families.  But thanks to the chronic failure of longtime county GOP chair Steve Yoder, Kouchi is as safe as ever. Kouchi couldn't get better support from the Kauai GOP if he paid for it.
Its a joke that hopeless RINO state chair Shirlene Ostrov recently described Yoder and the Kauai county GOP as “the model county party operation.”  In other words, Yoder has been a useful idiot and rubberstamper of Ostrov's failed managememt of HRP. indeed, Yoder only exists to do the bidding of the RINO's who have long controlled the dying Republican Party of Hawaii.  Yoder surrounds himself by idiots who know even less than he does about selling conservatism to voters on the Garden Island. Social clubbers who just hang out and watch the world go by and are content to let Democrats call the shots forever.  Yoder's anything BUT model county party has a grossly outdated website which has been a running joke of obsoleteness for years. It's social media is even more pathetic, with the county party's Facebook page having only 124 followers after YEARS of being online,non-promoted and seemingly abandoned by Team Yoder.
Sloppy, reckless and feckless are Steve Yoder's operating principles.  The non-existent results speak for themselves. As the statistics about Hawaii's cost of living and economy get worse, Yoder does even less to capitalize on these bad headlines.    The best defense against failed Democrat policies is a strong offense by the state and county Republican organizations. But Yoder’s Gang has been dead in the water for years and years.
THE BIG QUESTION FOR KAUAI REPUBLICANS:  When things have gone as badly as you can imagine for so long under RINO Steve Yoder and his bumbling RINO gang of fools -- leaving Democrats more in control of Kauai politics than ever before -- why would anyone stick with the failed leadership of Steve Yoder.  Take it from conservative Kauai Republican activist Alfred Sarmento, whose endorsement of Dave Hamman makes the case for change perfectly. LETTER HERE
Stay tuned for more shocking information about what these RINO’s have been doing to destroy the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside, year after year after year.  They’ll say (e.g. lie) and do (e.g. steal) anything to retain that ability to sabotage the conservative agenda and keep the Democrat agenda moving forward with the help of the Hawaii GOP and the Republican caucus at the legislature.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Auwe!!

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