Sunday, September 10, 2017

Victory! Trump Supporters Cheer DACA Repeal, Stand up to Illegals in MacArthur Park

What an incredible victory!

Los Angeles has turned into one of maybe five major cities where the anti-Trump movement tries to raise hell and stop Donald Trump.

When are they going to wake up and smell the napalm? It's over, liberal loonies! It's over, conservative cranks!

President Trump is here to stay, and He is your President!

Marco Gutierrez boldly declared his love for President Trump in Berkeley, CA, and all the left-wing losers around him started losing their minds. They couldn't deal with it. They are completely triggered, and there is little they can do about it.

They might want to try registering voters, or winning some elections, but across the vast expanse of Middle American, We the People have sent the message loud and clear: we do not want Progressive Leftist secular hate-mongering. Not interested.

We want our jobs back, we want our security back, we want our borders back.

We want to Make America Great Again!

So ...

As Los Angeles continues losing its collective mind because Trump continues rolling out his agenda, the left-wing dingbats continue haunting LA streets to raise hell and scream at the skies, as if all their complaining will affect the President or alter his agenda.

As if!

As expected, Trump's rescission of DACA has all the illegal aliens and their handlers out in full force. They decide to swarm MacArthur Park today, with all their hateful signs and collective outrage.

But We the People Rising and LA County for Trump were not going to sit back idly and let them just take up space and determine the narrative for themselves.

We should up in full force!

Check out the first video I recorded below:

We had fellow Trump supporters from all over Southern California show up on the corner of 6th Street and Alvarado to raise our voices, to raise heaven and praise our President.

Sure, there were haters, but we refused to dissuaded. We sang and chanted for our President. We routinely mocked the liberals, the illegal aliens, and all the amnesty-panderers on the other side of the street.

The Los Angeles Police Department did a great job protecting us!

Media from all over showed up to share our story!

We were not afraid to share our love for our President and the rule of law!

Check out other members of the team!

There was so much winning today!

Here are the other videos from the event:

Here the notorious BuzzFeed reporter tried to smear us, but she disappeared relatively quickly:

We won just by being there. Liberal loonies and progressive leftists of all types were absolutely triggered by our presence on the corner of 6th and Alvarado in MacArthur Park!

When we left, we took in all the bootleg sales taking place along the sidewalk

The way that these vendors push out goods to make money--and to do so under the table without paying taxes or proper sanitary precautions--was really disgusting!

This is the bootleg, ghetto nonsense we are standing up to when we reject illegal immigration and the lawlessness which accompanies it.

It's time for all of us to take our proudest stance with our President and against illegal immigration of all kinds.

This insanity must cease. We cannot allow a rag-tag coalition of illegal alien enablers and amnesty panderers donate the discussion. All of this ended today and took a further beating when LA County for Trump showed up to stump for Trump and take down illegal immigration.

The racism of the Brown Supremacists and their handlers was particularly startling!

Let's keep working together to Make America Great Again! Make Los Angeles Great Again!


  1. This is the NSA's top operative unit - something like a squad of plumbers that
    can be called in when normal access to a target is blocked.

  2. All the area around MacArthur Park looks like an underdeveloped Country. You can buy guns, forged drivers license. Fake passports and knockoff merchandise, and no taxes are being paid. This City of Angels has fallen from heaven, and landed in hell. Too sad.

  3. Beware of whom you alienate. You'll need secular votes in 2020.