Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good News: CA Sanctuary State Bill SB 54 Faces More Delays. Find Out Why!

The Sacramento Bee finally reported on the growing reservations about SB 54.

After all, Governor Brown has to be the adult in the room--in a sense--since all the bloodshed following from allowing illegal aliens to stay in the state of California will fall on his shoulders.

Is that the kind of legacy that Brown wants to leave for the state of California? More dead Californians?

At this time, SB 54 has been re-referred to the Rules Committee.

What is going on? Are they waiting for the bill to get more momentum? Perhaps there is a growing revolt within the Assembly Democratic caucus that will kill this piece of legislation on the floor of the state assembly should it make it to the floor.

This is just plain madness.

Since when did elected officials get the idea that they can waive federal laws and do what they please? This is beyond shameful.

Here's what we have from the Sacramento Bee at this time:

Will Jerry Brown water down California’s ‘sanctuary state’ bill?

Immigrants suffered a life-altering blow earlier this week when President Donald Trump announced his decision to end a program that allowed young undocumented people to apply to live and work in the country without the fear of deportation.

Not immigrants, Taryn. Illegal aliens!

Now advocates for the undocumented community are bracing for a possible second shot Friday, this time from California’s political leaders.

People are not pieces of paper, either. They have moral agency, and they need to comply with our nation's immigration laws. Either they get with the program, or they go back to their home countries.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León introduced Senate Bill 54 in response to Trump’s campaign threats to target and deport undocumented immigrants. The measure essentially builds a wall between local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement, with some exceptions.

Leon wants to build walls between law enforcement, but he opposes a wall along our southern border. What a hypocrite! Does he have walls for his home? Does he have a door? Does he lock it at night?


De León previously accepted amendments at the request of law enforcement to allow police to respond to federal immigration requests related to inmates who are serving time for or who have been previously convicted of a violent or serious felony. Prior changes also require Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be notified at least 60 days before the scheduled release date of an undocumented immigrant who is either serving time for or has previously been convicted of a violent or serious felony, among others.

The phrase about serious felonies is still dangerously misleading. There are number of felonies which will not be included in the crimes that will allow local and state law enforcement to release illegal aliens to ICE.

Of course, no misdemeanor will trigger the release of these criminal illegal aliens into ICE custody at all.

A new round of amendments expected today, reflecting negotiations between the Brown administration and the pro tem’s office, are stirring concerns. The California Sheriffs’ Association, major opponents of the measure, have also been in communication with the governor’s office.

The Sheriff's Association should throw down as hard as they can and oppose, oppose, oppose SB 54 in any or all of its forms.

This is just a disastrous piece of legislation which should never see the light of day ever again.

Gov. Jerry Brown has expressed reservations about SB 54, suggesting he wants further changes.

How about "Kill the bill"? That would be the perfect change!

Advocates feared the new amendments could drastically expand a list of prior offenses that exclude an immigrant from some the protections set forth in the measure, which the sheriffs have asked for, among other key changes.

The press is complicit in this criminal behavior. They continue to label men and women who have broken into this country as "immigrants." They are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens!

Advocates marched on the Capitol Thursday, urging lawmakers to stand their ground ahead of the anticipated amendments.

Chris Newman, legal director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said this week that he and other advocates were “a little bit in the dark.”

Good! The Governor must be really scared. The truth is that this hedging is about so much more thatn concerns from law enforcement. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already cut grants to sanctuary jurisdictions. The United States Congress has already passed legislation to cut further federal funding to these locales, including housing and transportation grants.

California is already bankrupt. They need every federal dollar they can scrounge up just to get by ... and it's not looking too good that they will get any funding should the state of California insist on defying federal law.

“Gov. Brown runs his office a bit like the Vatican,” Newman said, comparing the Jesuit seminarian’s process and rituals to those of the Pope.

“Our biggest fear is that he will be bullied by the sheriffs into watering down the bill,” he said.

"Bullying"? Really? The real bullying is coming from Senator De Leon and his hackneyed Demo-rats who want to turn California into a third-world hellhole of complex lawlessness.

They are the bullies!

Senate Bill 54, as conceived, was standing on the shoulders of the Trust Act, according to former Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco. Ammiano carried the Trust Act, an anti-deportation California law that was seen as a rebuke to the Obama administration and congressional inaction on immigration.

The TRUST Act has furthered mistrust among citizens against their government, and even among illegal aliens.

“If they are going to mess with it and water it down, I think that would be a very bad move,” said Ammiano in a phone interview.


On de León, Newman added, “Our hope and prayer will be that he uses all the political capital he now enjoys to get the best possible legislation signed into law.”

No on SB 54!

Spokespeople for De León and Brown declined to comment Thursday.

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