Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cudahy: Marijuana Ordinance Is WRONG!

The marijuana ordinance is all wrong.

This proposal will not save the city from bankruptcy.

You brought this sad fiscal state onto your city because of the corrupt evergreen contracts you voted for, because they all donated to your campaign. You charge high fees for residential activities, then give out lavish contracts to private vendors and to the public sector unions.

The citizens of your community do not want marijuana in this city. You need to listen to them, not to your donors, not to your handlers, and certainly not to your corrupt political mentors, including Nativo “Voter Fraud” Lopez.

These actions of yours are all wrong, and I commend the citizens of Cudahy for standing up to your corrupt, abusive behavior.

There is one way to ensure that fewer of your hardworking dollars do not go to this corrupt city council.

I would encourage all of you to sign off on the Utility Users Tax repeal. Instead of building up your  city and ensuring proper services and public safety, Mayor Chris Garcia uses the money to pay for lavish hotel stays in Mexico---$500 a day!

He has paid off friends and cronies to enrich himself while impoverishing all of you.

And to make matter worse, he issued the sanctuary city policy in a brazen, cynical attempt to cover up for his corrupt misdeeds.

Cudahy is better than this.

The residents do not want marijuana shops in their city. You have seven schools within this city, which is all of one square mile.

Do you want to push this drug into the backyards of homeowners, too?

Are you trying to get children hooked on this drug so they become life-long dependents?

This is wrong—and you are wrong, Chris Garcia, for ignoring the will of the voters and disregarding the rule of law in your  own city. Shame on you.

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  1. Holy crap who is paying you?! Marijuana use among adolescents has been decreasing for over 30 years and in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use among teens is down. The facts are cannabis both for consuming and industrial use would boost our economy faster than any other civil project this state could dream up. Stop spreading the lies generated by big pharma and a corrupt government that has fed you lied about everything you put in your body and into the air.