Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Concerns About Growing Lawlessness, Loss of Rule of Law in Torrance

To the Torrance City Council:

It is deeply alarming and frustrating to me that Mayor Pat Furey violating state and as well as local campaign ordinances.

The corruption that reeks from Mayor Pat Furey and his son (now thankfully the former Traffic Commissioner), should awaken a great deal of outrage from EVERYONE in the city.

This is outrageous.

We cannot have a city council which passes ordinances, and then there is no follow-through.

I want to see the following happen regarding the key items 9F and 9G:

  1. I want proper enforcement against Mayor Pat Furey for having violated the local election ordinance.
  2. I want that ordinance repealed entirely. I do not think there should be any campaign limits for any candidate--since they will not be enforced anyway.

Furthermore, I concur that the city council adopt an initiative for the city voters to consider, which would create an elected city attorney, one who would not be in conflict of interest with the city council. 

The growing spate of lawlessness in the city cannot continue. The beekeeper ordinance was arbitrarily pushed aside following an appeal process before the city. Now there have been at least three lawsuits launched against the police department.

Although I am pleased that the city issued an official letter opposing SB 54 -- The Sanctuary State Bill -- the process was not clear to me or the public, which raises further concerns.

It is still a concern, also, that immigration enforcement groups still label Torrance a sanctuary state, in that the record still bears out that the city police department is not complying with ICE Detainers.

This is a pattern of lawlessness which is slowly encroaching into the city, and Torrance residents need to confront this. We just cannot have a city where there is a set of laws for elected officials and the politically connected, and a set of laws for everyone else.

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