Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Deport This Australian, Convicted of Sexual Abuse

The perversity never ends.

How many stories have we read in the press about teachers betraying their trust and sexually abusing students?

When does this insanity stop?!

This outrage occurs not just in public schools--although they seem to work much harder covering up all the abuse.

Former Mary Star teacher gets year in jail for sending nude photos tominors

Daniel T. O’Connell, 32, of Rancho Palos Verdes was sentenced Sept. 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court downtown to 364 days in county jail and five years probation. He also must attend a minimum of 52 weeks of sex offender counseling, Deputy District Attorney Angela Brunson said.

O’Connell also cannot use the internet to contact children and cannot spend any unsupervised time with minors. If he violates any terms of the agreement, he will be sentenced to two years in state prison, Brunson said.

But here's the part that I found interesting.

O’Connell’s status as a registered sex offender will prevent him from teaching school again. As an Australian citizen, he could be deported, authorities said.

I say "Deport!"

Why should we house and feed criminals from other countries who are here on the bare auspices of immigration status. This is wrong.

DEPORT this Australian National/Sex Offender

This man is not a natural-born American. He came to this country under the trust that he would abide by our laws and respect our country and its citizenry.

He did not meet that obligation.

We need to send the message loud and clear to the entire world.

Immigrants are welcome to enter the United States, and they are welcome to join the American compact.

But if they want to abuse American children, if they want to upend our laws and endanger American citizens--then you need to leave.

What do you think?

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  1. Deport Deport Deport.

    Arthur you Sir are firm (resolute, determined, strong), fair (impartial, objective) and consistent (constant, reliable) with your perspective and stand on immigration as well as other political issues. Color blind philosophy.

    You, Sir (Arthur) have the makings of a Judge. However perhaps not a judge on this planet, because it's doubtful anyone or very few would appreciate your spledid candor of firmness, fairness consistency.

    Being firm fair and consistent seems like an easy enough thing to do, but for some (majority of liberals and Lefty's) it seems impossible.

    Decision making based on black, white or brown skin is as relavent as ones' favorite flavor choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or a hodgepodge mix of all three (neopolitian).

    Country of orgin for an immigrant who is not a U.S. citizen should not be relavent, especially if committing crimes within the USA. If here illegally (e.g. overstayed Visas as is apparently the case with 80% of all illegals in the USA), then they need to be expeditiously deported. No and or buts. No outlandish drawn-out wasteful due process either.

    Bottom line, one needs to immigrate lawfully into the USA, if you can't do that then we don't want you. And if you're here illegally and you commit crimes we especially don't want you. What part of that don't you understand? Illegals must go?

    We cannot as a sovereign country allow immigrants to arbitrarily immigrate to the USA without being vetted. And if vetted and allowed to immigrate to USA, we need to be able to swiftly deport (rescind citzenship or residence status for) these immigrants who incur criminal violations while residing in USA.

    At any event, it's a sad state of affairs. This child abuser molester (weirdo?) school teacher will very likely be allowed to remain in the United States upon his custody release. Additionally, his ability to support himself financially is also now obviously questionable too. It simply should not be our problem or burden to allow this idiot to remain in our country upon release from LA county jail or at a potential later date being sentenced to state prison if he violates his 5 year formal probation period. US (not Australian) tax payers will likely be burden with the responsibility of paying for all or most of this Australian's incarceration and probation/parole supervision.

    How is this a win-win for any US citizen? Well, it's not. Like DACA and numerous past mass amesty failed programs, it's simply another (of countless) example(s) of the USA being taken advantage of by other countries with our Lefty leniency and blatant illogical liberal compassion.

    It's time to wake up America and proclaim "enough is enough, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it no more!". Stop being so damn politically correct America.

    Arthur and other Patriots get it. Now we've got to convince the Lefties and the Liberals to get on board too. However, obviously it's easier said than done because a change in status quo seems next to impossible to achieve. In the meantime, Mr. Australian like others will likely just remain here in the USA as business as usual. Yes, life is not always fair and I suppose you can chalk this up as one more example (lesson) of life not being fair too. But honestly, enough is enough. Let's put a stop to this nonsense now and Deport Deport Deport.