Monday, May 23, 2022

Texas Run-Offs for State House, 2022: VOTE FOR JEFF YOUNGER!!!!!

 Texas Minute has provided extensive reporting on all the run-off elections for Texas State Rep this year.

This is a big change to get rid of all the RINOs who have allowed sex mutilation of minors to continue unchallenged.

This is a chance to stop the LGBT pandering which has become all too common place among Texas GOP Establishment figures, as well.



Good morning, 

Here is the Texas Minute for Monday, May 23, 2022.


– Brandon Waltens 

  • Election Day is tomorrow, May 24, in the primary runoff elections.
  • In these races, no candidate was able to secure more than 50 percent of the vote in the March primary election. 
  • In addition to three Republican statewide positions—which will be on ballots across the state—there are 17 runoffs for the state legislature (including 4 incumbent House members.)
  • As part of our Decision Texas coverage of the elections, Texas Scorecard has previewed all 17 mashups, including questioning the candidates on hot button issues such as ending the practice of putting Democrats in leadership positions.
  • Their answers (or lack thereof...) can help inform voters before heading to the polls.

Texas Senate

Senate District 24 
Pete Flores vs. Raul Reyes 

Texas House

House District 12
Kyle Kacal vs. Ben Bius 

House District 17
Stan Gerdes vs. Paul Pape 

House District 19
Ellen Troxclair vs. Justin Berry 

House District 23
Patrick Gurski  vs. Terri Leo Wilson 

House District 52
Patrick McGuinness vs. Caroline Harris 

House District 60
Glenn Rogers vs. Mike Olcott

House District 61
Paul Chabot vs. Frederick Frazier

House District 63
Ben Bumgarner  vs. Jeff Younger 

House District 70
Jamee Jolly  vs. Eric Bowlin

House District 73
Barron Casteel vs. Carrie Isaac

House District 84
David Glasheen vs. Carl Tepper 

House District 85
Phil Stephenson vs. Stan Kitzman

House District 91
Stephanie Klick vs. David Lowe 

House District 93
Nate Schatzline vs. Laura Hill

House District 122
Elisa Chan vs. Mark Dorazio

House District 133
Shelley Torian Barineau vs. Mano DeAyala 

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