Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Save California: Stop These Three Bills


How to stop the 3 worst Assembly bills
Because a Democrat bill to punish doctors who differ with the establishment "consensus" was skipped over Monday on the Assembly floor, you have more time to oppose AB 2098, as well as AB 1797 (a statewide "vaccine" database) and AB 2223 (legalizing infanticide).

AB 2098 could be voted on as soon as this Thursday morning, while the vaccine database and infanticide bills will likely be on the Assembly floor as soon as Monday, May 23. believes since medical "mandates" are controversial, since fear of the the China virus has significantly diminished, and since this is an election year where every California assemblymember is up for election, both AB 2098 and AB 1797 -- and AB 2223, the infanticide bill -- can be stopped if you help flood Sacramento with opposition calls.

We've identified 28 deciding votes on these 3 bills on the floor of the 80-seat California State Assembly, which currently has 78 members and two vacancies. If none of the19 Republicans nor at least 19 of the 28 deciding votes do not support these inhuman bills, they'll be defeated for lack of 41 minimum votes to pass bills by the May 27 deadline.


STEP #1: Please create a buzz against these 3 bills now. Oppose all 3 when you call your own state assemblymember. Please email him or her tonight or call on Wednesday, May 18, during the day, because your assemblymember might vote on AB 2098 on Thursday morning. Find your assemblymember's website here:

AB 2098 (Low): "Support medical independence. Oppose AB 2098, which would result in the revocation of licenses of good doctors who think outside the box. AB 2098 is unfair and wrong -- oppose it."

AB 1797 (Weber): "Support an individual's choice of medical treatment. Oppose AB 1797, which would set up a vaccine database that would discriminate against and segregate conscientious Californians who don't want a particular injection. Do not track me or my family, whether we want a particular shot or not. Vote no on AB 1797."

AB 2223 (Wicks): "Protect the lives of babies, whether they're an hour, day, week, or year old. Oppose AB 2223, which would make law enforcement look the other way when an infant dies and it's claimed the death was 'pregnancy related.' By prohibiting law enforcement investigations of 'perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause,' AB 2223 would permit killings of newborns up to year after birth. Vote no on this infanticide bill."

STEP #2: Because the bill revoking the licenses of doctors who disagree with the establishment "consensus" could come up for a vote as early as 9:15am on Thursday, May 19, please leave anonymous voicemails Tuesday evening or Wednesday evening for as many as 28 deciding votes.

Remember, AB 2098 is a unjust, unfair bill that would punish good doctors who know and say the facts about Covid and vaccines. AB 2098 would label as "misinformation or disinformation" anything a physician said or did that "was contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus to an extent where its dissemination constitutes gross negligence," which, if so, would prohibit the doctor from practicing medicine. For its initial practical purposes, this bill would attack and harm physicians who have studied the reality of many adverse reactions to vaccines and who support medical freedom.

Not only does AB 2098 infringe on freedom of speech in both the U.S. and California constitutions, it blatantly violates the Hippocratic oath of doctors to "do no harm or injustice" to patients. Because if certain facts inform physicians that the State of California is recommending medical treatment that is unnecessary, ineffective, or harmful, doctors will be punished for doing good, patients will be denied informed consent, and the doctor-patient relationship will be shattered.

If you know a doctor who supports medical freedom, urge him or her to make a call or calls on Wednesday, May 18. Time is crucial, and their authoritative voices are needed.

What to say: In your voicemail messages, please say something like, "Support medical independence. Oppose AB 2098, which would result in the revocation of licenses of good doctors who think outside the box. AB 2098 is unfair and wrong -- oppose it."

Important to know: Unless you see your own assemblymember on this list below, please remain anonymous, so your calls will have impact and not be “trashed” (the Democrat legislators’ modus operandi is to disregard every message not from their own constituents). By leaving anonymous voicemails only, legislators' staff cannot reliably “trash” your calls, and you’ll “mix” in and be part of the flood of opposition calls.

28 Assembly floor targets (27 Democrats and 1 independent)
Please leave anonymous voicemails May 17-18 between 7pm and 8am 

Call their State Capitol offices or legislative district offices or both:
Joaquin Arambula of Fresno County 916-319-2031 and 559-445-5532
Tasha Boerner-Horvath of north San Diego County 916-319-2076 and 760-434-7605
Ken Cooley of Sacramento County 916-319-2008 and 916-464-1910
Jim Cooper of Sacramento County 916-319-2009 and 916-670-7888
Tom Daly of central Orange County 916-319-2069 and 714-939-8469
Mike Fong of Monterey Park to Arcadia in L.A. County 916-319-2049 and 323-264-4949
Eduardo Garcia of Imperial and Riverside counties 916-319-2056 and 760-347-2360
Mike Gipson of South-Central Los Angeles 916-319-2064 and 310-324-6408
Adam Gray is running for the new Central Valley congressional seat that includes West Modesto, Ceres, Patterson and Newman among other central and eastern Stanislaus County communities 916-319-2021 and 209-726-5465
Timothy Grayson of northeast Contra Costa County 916-319-2014 and 925-521-1511
Jacqui Irwin of southwest Ventura County 916-319-2044 and 805-482-1904
Brian Maienschein (independent) of north San Diego 916-319-2077 and 858-675-0077
Chad Mayes of Palm Springs/Yucca Valley/Yucaipa 916-319-2042 and 760-346-6342
Al Muratsuchi of the Los Angeles South Bay 916-319-2066 and 310-375-0691
Adrin Nazarian of Van Nuys 916-319-2046 and 818-376-4246
Patrick O’Donnell of Long Beach 916-319-2070 and 562-429-0470
Cottie Petrie-Norris of coastal Orange County 916-319-2074 and 949-251-0074
Sharon Quirk-Silva of Fullerton/Buena Park/Anaheim 916-319-2065 and 714-525-6515
James Ramos of Redlands/Loma Linda/Highland/north San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga 916-319-2040 and 909-476-5023
Eloise Reyes of San Bernardino/Rialto/Fontana 916-319-2047 and 909-381-3238
Luz Rivas of northeast San Fernando Valley 916-319-2039 and 818-504-3911
Robert Rivas of Monterey, San Benito, and San Cruz counties and Gilroy 916-319-2030 and 831-759-8676
Freddie Rodriguez of Ontario/Chino/Pomona 916-319-2052 and 909-902-9606
Blanca Rubio of Azusa/Glendora/Covina and other east L.A. County communities 916-319-2048 and 626-960-4457
Miguel Santiago of downtown Los Angeles 916-319-2053 and 213-620-4646
Rudy Salas is running for a new congressional seat covering parts of Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties 916-319-2032 and 661-335-0302
Carlos Villapudua of Stockton and Tracy 916-319-2013 and 209-948-7479
Lori Wilson of Fairfield/Vacaville/Rio Vista/Antioch/Brentwood 916-319-2011

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