Tuesday, September 21, 2021

BREAKING: Torrance School Board Trustee Photographed with BDSM Displays in Pride Parade

 In a previous post, I went after Torrance School Board Trustee Betty Lieu for fraternizing with convicted felon and murderer Ed Buck.

This time, I found this horrendous photo, at the same gay pride parade:

Torrance School Board Trustee Betty Lieu with BDSM "pups"

The men wearing black dog masks are part of a larger, genereal BDSM movement. BDSM = Bondage Dominance Sado-Masochism.

Yes, this kind of extreme sexual deviance is celebrated in "gay" pride parades, and the current President of the Torrance Unified School Board is OK with it!

Here's a description of this mentally ill, deviant and deficient practice:

Some guys feel like they turn into an animal when they have sex. But if you watched season 2 of Netflix's BDSM show, Bonding, then you know others prefer to dress up as an animal when they do it. Puppy play (a.k.a pup play) is a form of consensual, adult role-play popular in the gay leather community, where people dress up and embody the characteristics of a dog. Often, these so-called "pups" wear a leather dog mask and a tail, usually in the form of a butt plug. They walk around on all fours, bark, and sometimes eat and drink from a bowl.

Please understand that BDSM is not about "safe sex" at all, but rather abuse, harm, bloodshed, all under the guise of sexual pleasure.

Here's a complete run-down on Bondage Dominance Sado-Masochism. Click here.

But here's a brief introduction from the MassResistance website:

BDSM loosely stands for these deviant erotic practices:  Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. Among other things, this involves deriving sexual stimulation from inflicting and receiving pain and humiliation, often extreme and bloody. It often involves feces and urine.

These practices are so repulsive we were reluctant to even describe them. The usual “gay” practices of anal intercourse, fisting, and rimming are expanded to include flogging, whipping, rope bondage, electric shock, saline injections, penis catheters, nipple and testicle torture, and even strangulation.

This is disgusting. This is aberrant. This is abhorrent.

And Betty Lieu is OK with it.

Such perversion has no business being celebrated in public, and elected officials on school boards have no business endorsing such evil.

Betty Lieu needs to go! She is a danger to the children of Torrance Unified. She has not business being around kids or involved in their education.

Contact the Torrance Unified School Board, and demand Betty Lieu's resignation!

School Board Members

Jeremy L. Gerson




James Han




Jasmine Park



Betty Lieu




Anil Muhammad



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