Sunday, May 19, 2019

Update About the Torrance City Council and Its Fight Against the Regressive Left

Hello, everybody.

Things are really heating up in the city of Torrance.

We have a majority of members who are responsive to the concerns of the voters.

They have voted against the mayor and his liberal policies a number of times.

Tim Goodrich, the flag-burning traitor to our country, lost his temper because the city of Torrance voted to approve "In God We Trust" on the main wall of the Torrance City Council Chambers.

The city of Torrance majority has also voted Yes to Pror 6, overriding the will of the two liberal members.

We are witnessing the implosion of the Torrance establishment as well as the regressive left that was trying to make inroads into the city's politics.

The Torrance Refinery Action Alliance has all but disappeared. Where are they? The signs are gone, the group is gone. It looks like the ran out of money!


And 350 Joe, the Big Green Ho, has all but disappeared as well. Local conservative activists are making the difference all over the South Bay, even if the LA County Republican has dilapidated into abject corruption.

The city council is not moving forward on CCA. The Torrance Refinery is still standing strong. The city council is taking more steps toward enforcement of the rule of law in the chambers and throughout the city. The city residents took a firm stance against the coyote issues, and they refused to allow a diligent minority of animal rights worshippers to undermine our safety.

The residents are rising up against the corrupted low-income housing programs getting shoved into the city. The residents are refusing to allow for the construction of more apartments, which will hurt the quality of life in the city. Residents have also very effective stopped the arbitrary construction of car washes and other projects in the city, including an excessive gas station right in the heart of Downtown Torrance.

And now, with the perverse intrusion of Black Lives (Don't) Matter in the Torrance City Council chambers, we see a renewed interest to stand up to these hatemongers, KKK bullies!

Things are looking good in the city of Torrance. The rest of the state may be going to hell in a hand basket, but I know that our city is in better hands!

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