Monday, May 27, 2019

Gillette and Biz Pac Review Fail: Accepting Transgenderism is Not "Liberty"

Gillette did it again. They just engaged in more virtue-signaling for bicoastal elites, while missing the fact that their products need to be offered to everyone, regardless of their wealth, class, ethnic status, or the level of "woke" they have achieved.

First, they played off the #MeToo controversies, and got shellacked by anyone who was actually awake, who woke up to the left-wing social-engineer pandering that Gillette was involved in.

Instead of cutting away the left-wing stubble, they decided to double-down on left-wing drivel.

This time they feature a father and his "son"--actually, a girl pretending to be a boy who in reality is pretending to shave pretend facial hair.
Why so much pretense? Because this is a "transgender boy". Really.

Girl pretending to be a boy pretending to shave pretend facial hair

This report follows from another critique against this latest Gillette company ad, which is determined to virtual signal in every way possible. 

To sum up Gillette's insufferable stupid: first, they castigated all men to stop being men, to stand up against every form of fun and rough-housing. The boring, unbearable lecturing is not short of insulting. Now this "girl meets boy" coming of age folly. What is the matter with these companies? Who is running them like this, and thus running them into the ground? The Biz Pac Review reporter asks a profound question: "Broke or Woke."

How about another word: Joke!

This is laughable. How dare any parent try to make a young girl feel that she can, and thus should, become a young man. There is no such nonsense under heaven or within the laws of nature to allow such a travesty. Gillette needs to shave off its social justice warrior transitioning, or they should be prepared to see their profits cut down to size for good.

But there's more to find fault, and it focuses on the article which reports on this insanity.

Biz Pac Review, a growing conservative news site with profound news and commentary, posted their own report on this offensive ad. They added the following initial remarks about the ad and the transgenderism movement behind it:

The fact that some people want to live their lives essentially pretending to be the opposite gender isn’t innately offensive. After all, conservatives do believe in liberty and justice for all.

What the right finds offensive is the push by the far-left to normalize every abnormal behaviorfrom the biologically inaccurate “science” of transgenderism to even pedophiliaLast year a company exploited a kinkily dressed nine-year-old boy to sell erotic drag clothingfor Pete’s sake! (Gillette Dives in Again ...)
This is the most insensate thing I have read yet in the conservative press.

I could not disagree more with this idea that "people want to live their lives essentially pretending to be the opposite gender isn't innately offensive."

Uh ... yes, it is. Conservative must be based on affirming the truth and arguing for natural realities. Allowing parents to teach their children that they can pretend to be one sex--not gender--instead of resting and accepting the biological distinctions they were born with--that is nothing short of child abuse.

We should find such disregard for the well-being of children abusive, and offensive.

The next paragraph contradicts the first part of the quote:

"What the right finds offensive is the push by the far-left ot normalize every abnormal behavior."

And yet what has led to these behaviors becoming normalized, enough that large corporations are lecturing us in these God-awful commercials to "get woke" behind allowing young girls to pretend to be boys, and vice versa?

It all goes back to the first statement, which is distorted into "conservatives do believe in liberty and justice for all." This call to liberty, to justice should not turn into an invitation to allow adults to lie to their children and let them slip into dangerous delusions.

"Live and Let Live" does not mean accommodating a lie. This Live and Let Live nonsense is particularly inappropriate when involving children, who have not received all the information needed to assess the path and consequences of decisions--and the fact that there are certain choices, key decisions which have already been made. No, sex is not assigned at birth. Our birth, the genetics which defines every baby, assigns the biological distinctions of male and female. Gender is not some social construct.

And conservatism should not be defined as "You can live in accordance with any lie", and that somehow should be confused with justice, too.

Transgenderism is a full-on mental disorder, not something which should be commensurate with truth, liberty, or "being oneself."

It certainly is not justice to allow hollow, shallow parents to let their children do whatever they want to. Liberty does not mean abject license for children to abuse their bodies and minds in the pursuit of flimsy delusion. Parents are so busy "being woke", that they have fallen asleep to their responsibilities as parents. However, conservatives who call "girl transitioning into boy" a form of liberty and justice for all--they have also lost their senses: any sense of the English language, and the true meaning and underpinnings of conservatism.

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