Thursday, April 11, 2019

🚨🚨Red Alert🚨🚨 AZ Legislature Will Kill Children With Repeal of "No Promo Homo" Law

MassResistance Members and Pro-Family advocates across the country:

Arizona MassResistance has good news -- and some very bad news.

Good news: Because of your efforts, we stopped the reparative therapy ban and the ERA push! GOOD WORK.

Bad News:

The state legislature is about to repeal the "No Promo Homo" (NPH) law in the state education code. WHY?!

Equality Arizona (the LGBT Hate Group) with the blessing of the corrupt AZ State Superintendent has launched a federal lawsuit against the NPH law.

The cowardly attorney general, AG Mark Brnovich has announced that he will NOT defend the law.

Cathi Herrod, the head of AZ Policy, gave her "blessing" to having the entire NPH repealed. This is terrible, a complete capitulation. It's WRONG!

AZ House Rep. Thomas Ray "T. J." Shope Jr. introduced an amendment yesterday (April 10, 2019) to repeal parts of the NPH law so that the federal lawsuit would go away.

This is bad policy. That's wrong. The pro-family movement should not cave in any way to the LGBT bullies. 

Sadly, Shope's Amendment to SB 1346 passed 55-5 in the AZ House of Representatives. NOT GOOD!

The Amendment just arrived in the State Senate.

Now for some good news.

The State Senators are already really upset about this whole process. WE CAN STOP THIS SHAM AMENDMENT!

Here's what you need to do.

1. [For Arizona Residents] Contact YOUR State Senator (Dem or GOP, it does not matter). Tell him to vote NO on the Shope Amendment repealing No Promo Homo in SB 1346.

2. Contact Arizona State Senate Leadership and tell them to scuttle the amendment, too.

a.      Karen Fann (Senate President): Email: KFANN@AZLEG.GOV        Room 205            (602) 926-5874
b.      Eddie Farnsworth (Senate President Pro Tem): DFARNSWORTH@AZLEG.GOV  (602) 926-3020 (His office is very sympathetic to our cause)
c.       Sonny Borelli (Senate Majority whip): SBORRELLI@AZLEG.GOV   (602) 926-5051

3. Contact SB 1346 Sponsor Sylvia Allen, tell her to reject the Shope Amendment, too.
SALLEN@AZLEG.GOV             (602) 926-5409

Here are the talking points:
1. Don't enable the Attorney General to avoid doing his job. Where will his non-enforcement lead to?
2. Homosexuality and Transgenderism should NOT be promoted in our schools. These behaviors are indeed deviant, dangerous, and destructive. This legislation was passed into law three decades ago for good reason, and it should not be repeal.
3. Sex-Ed must teach children healthy lifestyles and behaviors. If the schools refuse to do so, then sex-ed should be removed entirely from the public school curriculum.
4. Censure/compel the AG to defend the NPH, or strip his salary and use the money to defend the lawsuit with private counsel.

Also Contact Governor Doug Ducey and tell him to reject the Shope Amendment, as well:
Phoenix: 602.542.4331

If anyone has any questions, email me:

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