Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hawaii RINOs Under Investigation by the FBI!

Multi-Agency FBI + FEC Investigations
NOW UNDERWAY Into Hawaii GOP *****
STAY TUNED FOR EVIDENCE RELEASE SOON . . . Just in time for RNC Chairwoman's keynote at tonight's fundraiser for Corrupt Hawaii GOP
(Yes, Ronna McDaniel's team knows all about it)

Aloha, Republicans:

GUESS WHO'S LEADING THE COVERUP?  "Does anyone know how this meeting was recorded and provided to HIRA? Who in the room cannot be trusted?" That's what panicked and crooked RINO Gene Wardtold fellow party leaders just a few weeks ago once the party's national committeeman and state house minority leader learned that the FBI and other investigative agencies now have incriminating audio of a secret meeting at Hawaii GOP headquarters in which the executive committee of state party officers openly discussed (behind closed doors) the illegal, secret slush funds, the cooked books and more which have led state chair Shirlene Ostrov to hold document shredding parties and which led her treasurer to recently quit after the federal investigation began. It's only a matter of time before the handcuffs come out.

HIRA is leading the effort to drain the swamp at the Hawaii GOP. Thecorruption is rampant. The liberalism is there for everyone to see. And the biennial incompetence is legendary.

---> Coming soon, hear the same incriminating audio of corrupt Hawaii GOP leaders already listened to by FBI investigators -AND- by top RNC officials in advance of tonight's Hawaii GOP fundraiser headlined by RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. This growing scandal makes you wonder why the RNC would knowingly prop up crooked state party leaders in Hawaii when they already know how Ostrov, Hellreich, Ward and their crooked associates only intend to waste money helping Democrats stay in power and to cover their own crooked tracks?

Mountains of evidence have already been delivered (along with a LOT MORE incriminating audio and documents and more) to the FedsAnd even more will be delivered soon. These are the same Feds from the Trump administration who are taking down the Crooked Kealohas, Crooked Keith Kaneshiro, and their cronies. Now, it's the RINOs turn.

It goes without saying that Real Republicans in Hawaii won't be able to kick Democrats out of power until our party is free of corruption and starts to seriously offer real conservative reforms and solutions. First, we will drain the RINO swamp. Then, we'll drain the swamp of Hawaii politics. Yes, it's no wonder that closet Democrat Gene Ward and his colleagues Gene Ward and Shirlene "Document Shredding Party" Ostrov are freaking out along with Andria "Jussie Smollett" Tupola's crooked RINO cronies who infest the leadership of the Hawaii GOP.  They SHOULD be freaking out right about now!
Stay tuned for more shocking information about what these RINO’s have been doing to destroy the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside, year after year after year.  They’ll say (e.g. lie) and do (e.g. steal) anything to retain that ability to sabotage the conservative agenda and keep the Democrat agenda moving forward with the help of the Hawaii GOP and the Republican caucus at the legislature.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Auwe!!

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