Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sequester is Your Fault, Voters!

The California Board of Equalization voted to raise the gas tax, yet the Daily Breeze raises a ruckus about the “sequester”, a media-hyped drama which does nothing to tackle our states’, cities’, and a growing number of citizens’ dependence on federal tax dollars. Congress cannot cut spending, and public opinion despises Congress, the President, and the whole Beltway culture in Washington D.C. for the feckless lack of resolve. The slim majority of Americans reelected the divided government which has stalled from one bill after another, which has lurched from one crisis to the next. The fault, dear voters, is not in your government, but in yourselves. The American people, along with the corporations and the special interests, must acknowledge that they cannot have their welfare state and federal handouts without paying for them.  Perhaps Americans’ disillusion with government may foster a retreat from dependence and restore individual efficacy and responsibility.

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