Saturday, March 9, 2013

Muratsuchi Stands with Unions - What About the South Bay?

Thank you. It was a great team effort. I I had the best volunteers and the best campaign team in California working on my race. -- @AMuratsuchi November 21

Attending SEIU ULTCW's awards gala and holiday celebration. Thank you for all that you do. I stand with you in your struggle. -- @AMuratsuchi December 8 (A date that lives in infamy. . . for 66th Assembly voters)

Torrance School Board Member Al Muratsuchi ran a slash and burn, hate and berate campaign to denigrate his opponent for the 66th Assembly District seat, a constituency which runs from Manhattan Beach to Palos Verdes, from Redondo Beach to West Carson. He had union money, and Democratic intimidation in the statehouse, with mouth-piece Head Hog John Perez intimidating local businesses to donate to Muratsuchi, or else. One of his biggest contributors, incidentally, was GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who helped depress the GOP vote by three million. He should have stayed at Bain Capital.

Huey ran a credible campaign with incredible help from volunteers all over the South Bay. He did it without union handouts, by the way, but the spirit of the times, and the inspiration of the Republican Party. Now the GOP must coalesce Tea Party enthusiasm with down-to-earth Establishment pragmatism. Instead of waiting for top-down party leadership, grassroots from the root to the rest of the South Bay must flourish. Local GOP candidates are taking back city halls through Los Angeles Country, and any one leader can rise up and take down Muratsuchi, with or without "Big Money" backing the candidate.

Local Republican clubs are bringing in new members. Independents are returning to the Republican fold, now purged of the "Big Government" dispassionate "(un)compassionate conservatism" of the Bush-Romney age. President Obama has a more troubling legacy on his hands, as the Democratic leader who will do to his party what George W. Bush nearly did to the Republican brand: make it unpalatable to even the most interested swing-voters.

No longer will outsider status and wealth alone persuade, let alone purchase, a political office; yet Democratic leaders still clamor for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United. Unbelievable. Huey represented the grassroots that is sprouting about. Local leaders are now stepping in to take off where his ground game has laid new opportunities.

One union, or association, deserves praise and respect from South Bay residents. Kudos to the Torrance Police Officers Association, for their bold and brave stance to endorse Craig Huey. Let us hope that future public sector associations will recognize that the Democratic plan of "do nothing about pensions and spending" will only ensure that no one collects a pension, and that no one will be able to live in the state of California without enduring high taxes, higher spending, and the height of regulatory burdens.

Back to the current 66th Assembly representative, Muratsuchi claims that "volunteers" helped him win his race for the Assembly. I do not see how "union interests" resemble, let alone represent volunteers, considering that Muratsuchi had "four-to-one" hundreds of thousands of dollars more to spend from interests outside of the district, in the first place. Today, Muratsuchi is a warm body in a bought seat, and no one can really trust that he can or will represent the interests of the South Bay, let alone every taxpaying resident in the State of California. With so many lies about one candidate just to win, what has the man really won, besides a political office and polarizing infamy?

Muratsuchi's last tweet, following his attendance at a gala celebration for the SEIU, represents this priceless and laughable dilemma. He claims to stand with the "SEIU", as if the Service Employees International Union needs anyone to stand with them. In the past few months, the SEIU has stood in the way of Americans purchasing Christmas gifts (widespread demonstrations at Wal-Mart) or standing in the way of international travelers and trade (disruptive yet abortive strikes across LAX). One group of employees no longer stands with the SEIU, the Aviation Safeguards Assocation, which now receives more take-home pay since they broke away from the SEIU. Fewer are standing with the SEIU, since fewer people should stand for the choke-hold of union money, power, and imperium in Sacramento, represented infamously by Democratic State Assembly Speaker, John Perez.

By the way, when will Muratsuchi stand with the struggles of South Bay residents? Why does Redondo Beach only keeps eighteen cents of every dollar sent raised from property taxes? Why do workers have to spend part of their salary joining a union just to get a job, then witness union leaders take advantage of this immoral power grab and kill the very jobs they claim to protect? How much longer will students, in Torrance and throughout the state, have to suffer in substandard schools? Republican State Senate minority leader Bob Huff has introduced legislation which would extend the deadline for teacher layoff notices and save millions. Muratsuchi should endorse this bill.

Then again, perhaps Al should sign the Prop 13 pledge, give back all that union cash, and apologize for the lies before anyone can believe that he stands with "us".

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