Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Christie, Gay Aversion Therapy, and Leadership

I am dismayed to read that Governor Chris Christie is opposing gay-aversion therapy. Frankly, he and other leaders in our political culture should take a stand for truth and mercy in dealing with this issue, which has become politicized, and thus more complicated than it needs to be.

Gay activists confront opponents with, "You have to accept me," that is, accept them as "born gay". Despite his abject, vocal protestations, homosexual conduct is a choice, and a bad one. Without considering the growing numbers who abandon the "gay" lifestyle, human beings who continuing practicing such conduct are courting disease, dysfunction, and ultimately death in their lives. Even in countries where "gay marriage" has been embraced for decades, the higher incidence of disease and death persists among those practicing homosexuality.

As for adolescents, they are striving for identity in a rapidly transforming world, transitions which are neither welcome nor heart-warming. The departure from childhood to maturity is based on defining ourselves not by how we feel, nor by what we think, or even the opinions of others, but rather establishing ourselves in line with something greater than ourselves.

Parents and other authority figures should not accommodate the "emotion pleas" of their youth when they claim that they are "gay" because they "feel" a certain "way."

At the 2012 Republican convention, Christie challenged President Obama: "Real leaders don’t follow polls. Real leaders change polls." Governor Christie needs to challenge the popular views on homosexuality, our youth, and the broad domains of parenting.

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