Saturday, January 14, 2012

Obama Moves for Less Government -- Perhaps inevitably

The United States Supreme Court will be ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. Anthony Kennedy, one of the most self-involved and self-important justices on the court, has every right to pride himself on the particular power that the carries. The perennial swing vote on a divide court, he may side with the liberals who has ridden roughshod over the Constitution, authorizing expansion of the federal government far beyond the intended scope of the Constitution, or he may side with the conservatives and strict constructionists like Alito and Scalia, the four of which have curtailed and defined the role of the federal government to the powers outlines in the Federal Charter.

If Kennedy's vote strikes down once and for all the notorious outreach of the state into the private consumer habits of the American people, then President Obama will have nothing but arrogance and failure to run on. No matter what negative ads he can throw at his challenger in the general election, the albatross of ObamaCare, dead on arrival, will ensure that President Obama becomes a one-term wonder.

And it will be a wonder to the American people, disillusioned by the siren call of "hope and change" that they had ever fallen for such empty, community organizer rhetoric in the first place. The GOP nominee will certainly have some knowledge and experience to buffer the hope and change that the current electorate is still longing for.

Yet even if Obama squeaks by with a meager margin of reelection, he will have to stare down a Congress much unlike the caucus that helped him ram the ObamaCare mandate down the throats of the American people. Even a dedicated minority of the current president's party voted down the detestable mandate. How will Obama ever muster the political will and courage to face a stronger and more intractable Congress?

He will have to make do with less government, because in the worst-case scenario, there will be very little governing taking place at all during Obama's potential second term, and Do-Nothing Government would do the minimum that the American people are hoping for: protect our rights, secure our borders, discharge the debt, and return all other powers to the states and the people.

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