Saturday, January 21, 2012

Governor Martinez and the Catholic Church

The separation of church and state must respect a healthy disregard for the socially liberal policies of the Roman Catholic Church, an institution which is pandering to ethnic minorities doubling as large Catholic constituencies.

I applaud New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez for pressing for the passage of two controversial bills, one dealing with abortion, the other with licenses for undocumented immigrants.

As the governor commented in a recent article, it is a scandal that a pregnant minor can seek an abortion without parental consent or notification. On this matter both Governor and Church agree, and agreeably so.

On the repeal of driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, Gov. Martinez is heeding the will of the voters and demanding the repeal of this ill-gotten and unthinking piece of legislation.

The previous governor Bill Richardson pushed for this law as a sop to the Hispanic community. The unintended consequences of this law have endangered drivers in the state, exacerbated fraud, and have undermined the security of our borders. A majority of undocumented licenses, who take advantage of the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution in order to earn the privilege to drive.

Surely the Archdiocesan authorities in New Mexico respect the rights of all parishioners, enough that they would not permit undocumented and unscrupulous drivers to get licenses and endanger their state and the country.

It is shameful indeed that organized religious communities, like previous politicians, will sacrifice safety and moral sentiment in order to prosper their pews and their coffers.

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