Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letter to the Indianapolis Star

To Governor Mitch Daniels and the people of the state of Indiana:

Mitt Romney is the establishment favorite, yet he commands very little respect outside of the small cadre of career politicians who merely want to win the White House. A Massachusetts moderate with a questionable record on free markets and limited government, Romney has flip-flopped on many issues, has even authored a medical insurance mandate which differs very little from the federal mandate which Obama and a determined Democratic congress passed, and which the next president must repeal.

The American people deserve a president with a demonstrable and respectable resume of accomplishments, an executive who has limited government by enacting free market principles, has saved the taxpayer millions of dollars, and have saved jobs in the process. We need a committed conservative who can command the respect of national, social, and fiscal conservatives.

Governor Daniels fits this profile very well. Please reconsider your decision not to run. I am convinced that a number of donors, unhappy with the current stock of candidates, would be more than happy to support your entry and surge into the national spotlight. There is still time to collect the requisite number of delegates to force a brokered convention. Perhaps you could command the respect of wary Romney supporters who want someone better.

To the people of the state of Indiana, your governor has done so admirable a job with you, why not let him serve the rest of the country. We need leadership, we need commitment to limited and constitutional government, and we need integrity that can integrate the disparate elements of the Republican party to stop President Obama and restore this country back to a firm financial footing.

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