Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Huntsman Suspends his Non-Suspenseful Campaign

The recent Eric Allie cartoon said it all. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman's biggest fan was . . . the Mainstream Media. He never commanded a serious following during his anemic and abortive campaign. He wanted to play moderate Washington outside tilting to the left of the other GOP candidates, but this country has had enough of "outsiders" who have very little to offer this country.

The major networks kept plugging away at the single-digit candidates throughout the primary, even honoring former Senate Rick Santorum with a place at the conference table on This Week, just before the Iowa caucuses.

The manic trends that promoted different candidates to the established favorite Mitt Romney suggest that the Mainstream media had a handy role in promoting the fuss for marginal candidates.

Mr. Huntsman benefited from the press, as did former pizza mogul Herman Cain, yet neither one of them was a serious candidate for the Presidency. Who would vote for a candidate who served for the current President-in-Chief, and who would give the reins of government to a businessman who was more showmanship than show-up?

Jon Huntsman is an able statesman, but he was not able to make a convincing enough case to the United States, and that is the primary role of the President of the United States. His endorsement for fellow Mormon Mitt Romney does very little to affect the current trajectory of the GOP primary. Perhaps he can look forward to a cabinet post in the Romney administration should the New England moderate win the nomination and then the general election.

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