Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revision of Primary Choices for Florida

With Governor Mitt Romney, it's not about getting the nomination; it's more about wearing down the GOP electorate to accept that he has the staying power lacking with Senator Rick Santorum and the moderation certainly lacking in Congressman Ron Paul's campaign.

Republican voters want to beat Obama, and so does a majority of Americans in this country, many of whom are moving not just to the right, but right into the Republican caucus. One of the prime movers of this political realignment is the Tea Party, whose intellectual godfather is Congressman Ron Paul.

Up to now, Texas Congressman has been "unpersuasive" with other members of Congress throughout his outspoken tenure in the House of Representatives. However, he has argued that his outsider status reflects just how out of touch Congress is with the will of the American voters.

Congressman Paul may not satisfactorily persuade a respectable legislative majority to elect him as president. Still, his ascendancy to the White House would at least prolong the gridlock of a do-nothing Congress that would be forced to leave us alone -- and more Americans are taking up the rallying cry of "Don't Tread on Me, Washington D.C."

Governor Mitt Romney is a cool businessman of considerable acumen as a manager and a leader. Unfortunately, his record has been a slow and unconvincing ascent from New England moderation to National conservatism, and understandably many are simply not buying it.

Newt Gingrich is a fiery orator. He has tapped into the burgeoning populism which has infiltrated and motivated the national consciousness, disillusioned with Barack Obama's "hope and change". The voters in Florida may be wary of a man who consulted with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, yet the former House Speaker's contributions discouraged further allocations of taxpayer money to the public-private firms from the federal government.

Rick Santorum has been the cheerleader for faith and family values, but the American people are also looking for a candidate who respects fiscal conservatism and political freedom, as well.

If the GOP primary process turns into a brokered convention in July to secure a nominee, so be it -- but the GOP better pay attention to the general pressure of voters who demand ideological purity, political consistency, and overall respect for constitutional government.

The citizens of Florida have a starring role in determining the future trajectory of this heated race. No matter who carries the majority vote on January 31, Barack Obama will still have no record to run on as he runs again to keep his post as Chief Executive of the United States.

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