Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ron Paul: Running and Running Strong

Is he a third party candidate?

Is he really running for President?

No matter how many pundits and debate mediators question his standing, no matter how many columnists have dismissed his candidacy, Ron Paul is steady.

Paul's performance in every debate is unmatched, not so much for flashy wit or established resumes, but for consistent and constant pleading of the case of free markets, limited government, and free people.

He has a devoted following. Unfortunately, not enough voters are following him to the polls in his support. He has practically skipped Florida to campaign in the February caucus states. An odd strategy, perhaps, but he may have a chance to gather greater support through retail politics, in contrast to the tsunami of adds flooding forth from the Romney campaign.

If he can inspire a committed core of voters to participate in the Nevada and Maine caucuses, then the Texas Congressman may put himself in strong enough play to contest more delegates in the Super Tuesday primary in March. California may then become a viable battleground state for the Congressman, where his libertarian views on social issues may appeal to a broader base of liberal voters looking to support something authentic, not just different.

If Congressman Ron Paul is interested in more than preaching a cause, though, he needs to sharpen his criticism and launch the necessary truthful attacks to dissuade undecided voters from a New England moderate. He is the only candidate who is discussing real budget reform. He commands the greatest respect from American military personnel. He respects the states and the people based on a proper rendering of the United States Constitution. It makes little difference the unusual nature of his foreign policy, which he has successfully asserted time and again is more in sync with the conservative philosophy of the Republican Party.

Paul is running, he is running strong, let us hope that he is really running for President and not just to make his presence and political views known.

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