Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry's Comments on Newt Gingrich

Following the suspension of his campaign, Governor Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich. Identifying him as a reliable conservative, Perry acknowledged his moral failings. To these concerns, Perry responded, "There is forgiveness for those who seek God."

Who can ascend to God, who can find Him? His ways are past searching. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

We could never come to Him. Instead, God came to us, in the form of a Man, Jesus Christ.

He made the way for us to receive God in us, that by faith we could be set free from all sin: past, present, future; that God's Holy Spirit could then inhabit us, as we become the righteousness of God in Christ. The Lord God does not dwell in houses made by man, and the only thing that we can offer Him is a broken spirit, a contrite heart. These He will not despise.

When we acknowledge our weakness before God, He rushes in with His grace, which is shed forth for us by the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

There can be no talk of seeking God. We fallen humanity must accept that we can never come to Him, but the moment that we acknowledge our need for Him, plus the crushing despair that faces our inability to reach Him, He in turn rushes in and makes Himself at home within us.

God is not missing; we are the ones who are lost. God is seeking us. Like the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, we may think that it is a good idea to go back to our father, but the very one to whom we think we must make a bitter appeal to, He is the one who has been looking for us, and He rushes out to us the first moment that we make a move to receive Him. He seeks us out! He desires us! He wants to be one with us! Let us put aside these empty religious niceties that testify of man seeking God. God is too great for us to seek, to approach on our own. We must receive Him through only one way: by grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ!

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