Saturday, January 21, 2012

Senator Ted Lieu -- Politician To Watch

Do the politicians in the South Bay need another reason not to pay attention to their current posts?

Congresswoman Janice Hahn was supposed to finish her third term as a Los Angeles City Councilwoman. Instead, she ran off to Washington to be a rubber stamp for the Democratic agenda that is paralyzing the federal government and impoverishing the country.

Now Governing Magazine has named State Senator Ted Lieu a legislator "to watch". What has he done that is worth looking at? He has made it illegal to sell pets privately. He has banned the importation of shark fins. Oh, and Lieu has made it illegal for minors to use tanning salons. How has any of this helped his constituents in the South Bay?

Why does the Senator not make a list of his own, one that catalogues the needs of the voters in the South Bay? We need a law that discourages frivolous lawsuits. Manhattan Beach is under attack from three lawsuits already, as is El Segundo over the untimely death of Hawthorne Police Officer Andrew Garton. We need legislation that will discipline public employee unions, preventing them from cashing in on exorbitant pensions at the expense of taxpayers. The Senator also ought to consider legislation that promotes school choice and flexibility in finances for cash-strapped school districts, including the prized and celebrated Hermosa Beach City School District.

Laws that limited local government power, that save taxpayer money while promoting individual choice, and that restore the business climate of this country -- that's the kind of legislation that voters in Senator Lieu's district are looking for.

If Lieu will not respond to these concerns, then I would like to put Senator Lieu on another list: a list of incumbents who gets thrown out of office next term.

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