Saturday, January 28, 2012

Margaret Van Norman Passes Away

I never like reading obituaries, especially about people whom I have known and worked with. The proximity of death is an uncomfortable thing.

When I read about the passing of Margaret Van Norman following the resurgence of cancer, I was very dismayed. I always remembered what a fun spirit she was at Hermosa Valley School, where she taught the primary grades.

She was able to have a sense of humor, even in the midst of her cancer treatment. Once, when one of her eyelashes had fallen into a book (for the chemotherapy had caused all her hair to fall out), she joked to one of her students that a bug had wandered onto the page. If she could laugh about things like that, why could't I see the lighter of tough times, too? Last year, she informed me that her cancer had gone into remission. Sadly, I was not aware that it had resurged fatally.

I know that she had a wonderful impact on many at that school, including me. I hope that her memory stays strong with the many students whom she taught and the staff she worked with.

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