Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop the Stalinist Insanity

Whenever a journalist points out the heated hypocrisy of the Arab states who slaughter and deprive their own people in large numbers, then at the same time denigrate the Jewish State for suspending the rights of suspected terrorists in the West Bank, I have every reason to rejoice.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has given himself carte blanche permission to wipe out the insurgent rebellion that is spreading throughout his country. Despite the setback of a stalwart Damascus, which cherishes its stable economic prowess to the bewildering options of freedom that the Syrian people long for.

When will the Arab States -- beyond the Al-Jazeera connections out of Qatar -- rise up and demand a real change of leadership in this country?

It is shocking to many, including this writer, that liberals both within and outside of Israel refuse to acknowledge this empty hypocrisy in the Arab World. While dropping bombs and enforcing a no-fly zone all over Libya, President Obama has been timidly requesting a precipitous withdrawal for Assad and his Shi'ite minority from power. Instead of fretting over a nuclear Iran, the Western Powers need to coalesce all the soft power that they can muster and force this mad dictator from power. Not only will the Iranians lose a strategic power player in the region, but Israel will lose military pressure from the outside near Golan Heights, and other moderate regimes like Lebanon and Jordan will have greater opportunity to expand their influence.

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