Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Pro-Bono Civil Litigation in Wisconsin

Do the residents of Wisconsin really need more litigation in the states? Has it improved the well-being of the working classes, the poor, and the unemplyed?

Have the poor and working classes not learned anything during the course of the current Vanity-in-Chief's Presidency?

Government stimulus packages do not stimulate anything but waste, corruption, and inflation, all of which harm the poor and unemployed.

Government mandates like ObamaCare erode the liberties of the states and the people, forcing insurance companies out of business while overburdening hospitals and employers with more costs, more regulations, and less certain to hire and expand -- all of which harm the poor and unemployment.

Litigation en masse and class action (read "frivolous) lawsuits clog up our court systems, invest the infiltration of the state into matters beyond the scope of one judge or a jury to resolve, and undermine the freedom of the free market -- all of which harm the poor and unemployment.

Contrary to the wagging heads of dismay coming out of legal aid programs and lawsuit happy litigators in the Dairy State, less access to litigation is a win for everyone, including the poor and unemployed. Rather than wasting years fighting for needs and necessities that are neither basic rights or responsibilities of the state, Madison can invests its limited resources in cutting costs to the cities and counties, reducing bureaucratic procedures, and relaxing the constricting regulations on the middle classes -- all of which will help the poor and unemployed, all of which can be effected without resorting to free legal assistance in a court of law.

It is a boon for the state of Wisconsin that the State Supreme Court has dismissed the requirement of pro-bono counsel in civil disputes for the poor and unemployed. A state with less litigation all around is in the public good of everyone.

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