Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ron Paul: Booed and Cheered in the same Answer

The Texas Congressman has integrity.

In the South Carolina Debate on Monday, Congressman Ron Paul denounced our overreaching foreign policy, citing the Golden Rule as a better guide for the United States' interactions with other country.

He was soundly booed.

When he decried the warmongering that is sweeping this country to bomb Iran, he got the audience's attention.

When he demanded that we bring out troops home from all these wars and military bases, Paul was resoundingly cheered.

He promotes views which are not universally popular.

He has stressed the role of blowback. Granted, blaming the United States' aggressive foreign policy for the attacks that our armed forces have sustained and for the attacks on New York City may seem cold and uncaring, but this country certainly needs to assess the wisdom of investing in nations that we also surreptitiously bomb. We also need to question the merit of sending troops into nations irrational political cultures that break down along ethnic and religious lines.

Paul also stressed the need for fall back. He wants to bring our troops home from fruitless military forays into the Middle East and pointless military stays in bases all over the world. Citing his solidarity with the veterans of this country, Paul has received twice as much support from military personnel compared to all over GOP candidates.

Ron Paul is gaining support not necessarily because he promotes positions that will please everyone, but on account of his integrity to the issues that mean the most to him. He wants less government, more trade, and more peace for this country, all of which will equal recovery and renewed prosperity for a nation that has labored domestic waste and international ineptitude.

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