Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Occupy Oakland Should Occupy a Jail Cell

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is not facing the hardships of supporting a culture of community disrespect.

An open ally of protest movements in the port city when she was a councilwoman, now Quan has called out the police to restore order to a fractious city still turning on the empty catcalls of the "99%" against the wealthy and ephemeral "1%"

Enough already! Political problems require political solutions, not anarchy, not rampant disrespect for people and property. Individuals have a right to be heard, but not at the expense of the other "99%" who have chose to walk in maturity and take on these trying times without trying other people's patience or the limits of a civil society.

There is a glimmer of optimism in the midst of these awful manifestations of populist upheaval: voters across the country are witnessing the effects of a liberal education which does not liberate the mind, yet instead shackles individuals into the entitlement mindset that the powerful few and pulling the strings at the expense of the man. In fact, the disorganized many are afflicting everyone else, putting to shame once and for all the "hope and change" that President Obama promised to usher in three years ago.

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