Saturday, January 28, 2012

Janice Hahn Turns Her Sights to South East Los Angeles County

I though that Congresswoman Janice Hahn actually cared about her constituents!

She ran for the Congressional seat vacated by Jane Harman in 2011. She was supposed to represent the needs of the South Bay, from San Pedro to Santa Monica.

Now, she is turning her sights back to the San Pedro and South Los Angeles, where government subsidies and liberal politics have caused for more damage than the violent crime and gangbanging that have plagued that area.

I pity the residents of the newly-carved 44th Congressional District. Brainwashed into believing that the state has all the answers, the voters will have to choose between and ethical and fiscally challenged Congresswoman and a legacy-politician who has done nothing but run for higher office.

Hahn wants to focus on jobs. Why not focus on less government altogether. I commend her desire to end the United States' military presences in Iraq and Afghanistan, but instead of investing taxpayed moneny in creating jobs, she ought to work with the much (and falsely) maligned Tea Party caucus and demand that the federal government return as much taxpayed money as possible back to the people!

She has never ceased to unjust upbraid the Tea Party movement, a caucus of Congressman committed to paying down the national debt and ending the outrageous deficit spending which is harming our dollar, scaring away future investments, and hampering and business development in this country.

Government does not create jobs, Congresswoman Hahn. Government creates mandates, regulation, and waste. Government unchecked creates deficits and debt that diminish our economy and erode our liberties.

If Hahn really cares about the plight of the LA regions hit with higher unemployment, she should support limited infrastructure and a sound fiscal policy, then get government out of the way. I have yet to see any proof that government investment solves economic problems or stimulates moribund economies.

South East Los Angeles County has already contended with small government corruption, from Bell to South Gate. Big Government corruption is the last thing that struggling area of the country needs to deal with.

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