Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shortfalls in Hermosa Beach

What makes a school district great is not the grounds, not the technology, but the people who work there.

The teachers who instruct and support students; the office and administrative staff who support teachers, students, and parents; the maintenance officials who keep up the upkeep of the grounds: these are the ones we deserve our protection and respect.

When will Hermosa Beach consider the move to institute a charter? Why not do away with the leadership of the highly-paid personnel in the district? Does a two-school district really need a superintendent? Currently, Hermosa Beach City School District is seeking a replacement -- why not leave the office vacant? I imagine there are many dedicated parents who would be more than happy to take up leadership roles in the district, men and women who respect the importance of a good education, who would be willing to donate their time, not just their money, to keeping the district going.

These suggestions may seem fanciful, but Hermosa Beach is a fantastic district, and precisely so because of the people who live and work there.

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