Saturday, January 21, 2012

Israeli Citizenship Law -- Comment‏

The law which forbids non-Israeli Arabs from living with their Israeli spouses underscores the fundamental problem with the "Two-State Solution" proffered by many.

Israel wants to be a unified, liberal, and Jewish. Yet these distinctions and determinations interminably conflict with each other.

A Jewish state must limit the influx of hostile foreign elements from living in her midst. A liberal Israel must welcome as many as wish legally to settle in the country to enter. A unified state must coalesce these interests under one disinterested body of law, which also runs counter to the desire by Zionists and national security personnel to maintain a Jewish State.

Much of these conflicts could be done away with if the the leadership in Israel would forgo the abortive two-state solution altogether. Despite the harsh tenor of this ultimatum, either the Palestinians have to assimilate to the rights and laws of the Jewish State or leave. Also, to ensure the safety and integrity of their country, the Israelis ought to consider disregarding the popular plebiscites in Gaza and take back the territory. An islamist Egypt, an unstable Lebanon, and a weakening Jordan all signal that the Palestinian state will be nothing but a never-ending thorn in the side to the state of Israel. The Jewish state must prevent the encroachment of hostile Arab interests at all costs.

In the mean time, the Israeli Supreme Court and leadership will have to contend with these impossible hair-splitting decisions that necessarily discriminate against one segment of the population for the well-being of the entire nation.

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