Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Response to "`Occupy' needs leadership"

We've got a whole nation of pissed off people waiting to unite behind a cause. You can't tell me there's not one of you intelligent enough to do that. Who do the Occupy folks have? They've got the right idea, but they need a leader, a face, a name. Someone who believes and can't be bought.

- Brian Alexander, Torrance

People being angry is not reason for a cause. A lot of people are mad because they do not have jobs or prospects of affording the American Dream. Why they feel denied these privileges or rites of passage has very little to do with the people many of the "99%" are screaming at.

Banks and businesses are necessary utilities for a thriving economy. Their collusion with Big Government, however, has engendered the fiscal crises that created the immense downturn of 2008 -- but the current Progressive policies of Barack Obama have prolonged the agony indefinitely.

The Occupy Movement has no leadership because it has not cause beyond yelling and screaming. The writer even points out the vapid and ephemeral nature of the movement when he describes a prospective leader for this "movement" as "Someone who believes and can't be bought." Believes in what, though? If the principles are not clear, then how can anyone be sure that a prospective leader cannot be wooed away from said principles in the first place?

Peaceful assembly, political action, and respect for private property and the rule of law, these three tenets can coalesce a national mass of outrage into a movement that can move for change.

Until the crowds of youth and disaffected crowd around a cause that can be delineated, and that can properly attribute the problems in this country, then Occupy Everywhere will continue to go Nowhere, and fast.

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