Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Limited Government is Moral Government

Evangelical voters deserve a moral government.

Yet an active government of compassionate conservativism is neither compassionate nor conservative.

Less government is better government. The institutions which are crafted and capable to enforce morality and legislate policy which respects the interests of community stake holders are local and state governments, not the federal government.

I am aware that there are many prospective voters in South Carolina and throughout the country who view their vote as an opportunity to reassert biblical principles in this nation.

However, legislating morality becomes immoral when the power of enforcement is placed in the hands of a government too large and overgrown to even care for its basic duties.

We need less government, more freedom to the states and local city holders in protecting our children, safeguarding or streets, and caring for the neediest and most handicapped or incapable among us.

To vote for Congressman Paul would restore the proper scope and power of these decisions to those stakeholders who better understand these problems and who can better implement the necessary decisions to care for the needs and rights of all Americans.

To the voters of South Carolina, and all evangelical-minded voters, by rendering unto Caesar only his minimal powers as outlined under the United States Constitution, we do not risk impoverishing our moral compass or undermining the basic tenets of our culture. On the contrary, we affirm the dignity and preeminence of the individual in a free society.

Congressman Paul is the best candidate to effect the necessary balance between law and order, peace and freedom, diligent rule and laissez-faire.

Vote for Ron Paul on January 21!

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